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Best of RIRL: Money & Entrepreneurship

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It’s clear to see that Jessica really puts her all into every episode. She genuinely wants to help others, and make sure that they don’t feel alone during their struggles. This podcast is a must listen for anyone currently going through a tough situation and for those that need a little extra motivation to keep going!

Rich In Real Life

First I want to start by saying thank you Jessica for speaking in a way that is so relatable, you put words to thoughts and feelings like no one I’ve ever heard speak. It truly is your gift! There are soooo many gems in every single one of your podcasts (yes I’m almost positive I’ve listened to them alllll). You don’t hold back and that’s what I absolutely loveeee about the podcasts. I think everyone needs a YOU in their life, super thankful for everything your share on this platform 🙏🏼

Rich In Real Life

I love the Stranded podcast!! It’s so authentic, the host and the guests are wonderful. It adds some much needed positivity to my day.

katrina cox
Rich In Real Life

Listening to you Jessica has been effortless, yet so inspiring and motivating! Keep going.. Your voice and message is empowering so many lives! Thank you :)

Rich In Real Life
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