From Crying on the Floor to Building An Empire: A Candid Conversation on Business & Life with Megan Galane (Systems Strategist & Co-Founder of EPYC Media)Rich In Real Life

From Crying on the Floor to Building An Empire: A Candid Conversation on Business & Life with Megan Galane (Systems Strategist & Co-Founder of EPYC Media)

Welcome back to Rich in Real Life! Today I am excited to share a incredible intimate conversation with a dear friend of mine, Megan, who's a business systems expert but also my best friend, and my business partner!

In this episode we dove deep into the importance of systems in both life and business - We talked about how systems can help you grow, how to avoid the shiny object syndrome, and ways to create an exceptional client experience in your business. Megan also shared her personal journey of realizing how she needed to work on herself, which eventually led her to the realization that many business challenges are not just system problems, but sometimes therapy problems too! We also talked about the inevitable messiness that comes with building and refining systems and how crucial it is to embrace outsourcing to free up your time.

So, whether you're a business owner on the fence about systems or someone just looking to simplify and thrive in life, this episode is sure to offer some valuable insights into how you can truly become Rich in Real Life!


  • How embracing systems can drive growth, reduce distractions, and enhance client experience
  • The importance of differentiating between system problems and personal growth challenges in business
  • The messy but vital process of building and refining systems for business success
  • How outsourcing tasks will save time and provide you freedom to focus on income-generating activities
  • The foundation for success in business is found in your personal life


"It's really hard for people to understand that transactions aren't a dollar sign." - Jessica Hurley.

"Go ahead and take a look at your life. How can you make it more simple?" - Megan.

"I know everyone's talking about outsourcing, but really consider writing down how much it is to outsource certain things." - Jessica Hurley.


Megan Galane

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This is my MUST every Tuesday! Jessica is so honest and motivational. She’s going to question things that will help you understand exactly why your settling or stuck.This is the podcast you need to get out your “stuff” and move on!

HOT sauce SC
Rich In Real Life

I want to say your podcast is SO AMAZING. Today’s episode (1/10/2020) is so me because I’m so scared to fail that I’m not doing anything in my business because Im paralyze on the HOW. I really wish I could attend your event but I’ll be out of town. Hopefully there will be another event this year. Just want to say thank you.

Lisa Tampa
Rich In Real Life

This podcast is always real and honest. It’s nice to have someone approachable talk about life and all that comes with it!! But focusing on how to be the best you!! Keep it up!!!

Rich In Real Life

This podcast has been life changing. So many of us have the exact same questions & want more from life & these podcasts make you feel like Jessica is speaking to you directly and speaking life into you. So thankful for her and for this podcast!

Rich In Real Life
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