Finding Grace in Imperfection: A Deep Dive into Healing and Growth with Tonya RapleyRich In Real Life

Finding Grace in Imperfection: A Deep Dive into Healing and Growth with Tonya Rapley

In today’s episode, I got to sit down and have a candid and insightful conversation with Tonya Rapley, the incredible founder of My Fab Finance, as we delve into her personal journey of healing and self-discovery, navigating through unforeseen circumstances, and embracing authenticity.

She also shares her experiences with vulnerability, forgiveness, and the importance of creating a rich and real life that aligns with your authentic self. Together, we discuss the importance of healing and navigating life's valleys with grace and self-reflection. From exploring deep healing practices to redefining success and self-worth, our exchange of insights offers a refreshing take on personal growth and finding peace in the midst of life's uncertainties.

Join me and Tonya for an inspiring conversation about embracing authenticity and curating a life that feels truly fulfilling. Ready to embark on a journey of healing and growth? Tune in!


  • Tonya's encounter with Jessica during a challenging time in her life
  • The importance of being present and authentic in difficult situations
  • Tonya's realization of the need to pivot and become a student of her teachings
  • The significance of extending grace to yourself and others
  • Tonya's perspective on love and relationships post-healing
  • The power of forgiveness and the concept of radical forgiveness
  • Embracing the journey of healing and self-discovery as a curator of healing
  • The importance of prioritizing mental health and well-being during difficult times
  • The value of waking up and liking how life feels as a measure of true richness


"Rich and real life means authentically and honestly waking up and liking how my life feels… Having money isn't everything but having money gives you options." - Tonya Rapley

"Forgiveness is a lot easier and a lot more precious when you forget." - Jessica Hurley

“We have this unhealthy idea of worthiness. Even for me, I think a lot of my work, like one of the days that I broke down, and it was because I started to pivot. I wasn't as present in my business, My Fab Finance, that had brought me all this acclaim up to this point.” ." - Tonya Rapley


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Jessica is amazing at her craft and brings on some amazing guests that truly pour into you! Every episode is packed with the absolute best content to get you out of your own way. Thank you for this amazing labor of love Jessica, can’t wait to see what other greatness you create!

Kristina Aguilera
Rich In Real Life

What a great podcast! Unique perspectives, well thought out viewpoints and a fantastic cast of people. I am a huge fan! 5 Stars!

Rich In Real Life

Best podcast ever !!! Jessica you rock!!!

L Demps
Rich In Real Life

Inspiring is an understatement!! Jessica you’re doing such an amazing job! I am so excited to continue feeding from the knowledge you give and how amazing these stories are. It truly demonstrates how we can do anything we set our minds to. Thank you for this! You are helping more lives than you can possibly imagine! Keep going the sky is not even your limit! ♥️

Lovely me🐻
Rich In Real Life
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