Scribe Your Subconscious: Dominick Ard’is on Building a Life & Business That FlowsRich In Real Life

Scribe Your Subconscious: Dominick Ard’is on Building a Life & Business That Flows

Welcome back to another episode of Rich in Real Life and today, I am thrilled to bring you a conversation with a profound guest and dear friend, Dominick Ard’is, CEO ACT House - an entrepreneur and startup accelerator for founders. In this episode, we dive deep into life, leadership, and personal growth as Dominick shares his journey of owning his weaknesses, understanding his identity beyond work, and the liberating power of letting go. This conversation is filled with invaluable insights on how to navigate life's challenges and find strength in vulnerability.

Our discussion also explores the power of reflection and belief in shaping your path, emphasizing flexibility, resilience, and resourcefulness in the face of unpredictability. We also share personal practices such as journaling and meditation that have helped us embrace growth and overcome obstacles. Join us as we delve into Dominick's journey of self-discovery and growth, offering valuable insights on finding strength in the core of your beliefs. Tune in and let your faith, failures, and life lessons be your guiding light to crafting your wealth of fate.


  • Recognizing when it's time to "burn it down" and start anew
  • The importance of understanding your weaknesses and embracing change
  • Navigating entrepreneurship, urban planning, and investment
  • The pivotal role of self-awareness and personal development
  • Lessons learned from failures and the power of reflection
  • Embracing challenges as opportunities for growth and transformation
  • The role of spirituality and belief in navigating life's journey
  • Finding peace and progress through self-awareness and continuous learning


"Reflections — I generally believe that in life, the information that comes to you are only reminders and confirmations of what you know that you need to do.” - Dominick Ard'is

“God is the one who butters my bread. He's the one taking care of birds out here in the streets every day. And he spent time and intentionally crafted me and focused.” - Dominick Ard'is


Dominick Ard'is

LinkedIn | @dardis

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There is so much value on this podcast! Jessica shows up and brings it on every episode. You can literally learn from this podcast and if you ever have the opportunity to go to one of her events you should totally show up because it is the best thing you will ever do for yourself!

Emily Powerlifting
Rich In Real Life

I started listening to this podcast from episode one. Five stars is an understatement!As you are aware there are endless options of shows and information, so choosing a podcast that will truly instill value is just the beginning of whatever you are trying to achieve by listening.Jessica truly hits home with all of her content, from personal experience or from her very intriguing guests, she simply never misses a beat! I would recommend her show time and time again, can’t wait to see what’s next!

Rich In Real Life

15 min fridays are my FAVORITE! Favorite way to end the work week. Jess’s honest using her own experience is what makes this podcast so reliable and applicable to others life!Friday’s are a must listen!

Rich In Real Life

I loved this last episode!! I’m sure there are many people listening who struggled with having a relationship with God, or don’t know where to start or think they have to be perfect to come to him.. but really God wants us in all our mess! Trust! I’ve been there growing up in church it’s a struggle! but having God in my life is better then going without him I’ve tried it my way and it never works! God always give us what we want so we can truly see it wasn’t what we REALLY wanted! As I’m listening I’m like where is my Hillary! Or am I her? Lol Having a sister in Christ to go to things with or discuss is probably the most encouraging thing to have! But at times God will have us in seasons as he did David in the Bible where he encouraged himself to get through! Keep going up J! 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

Rich In Real Life
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