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Become a Better Public Speaker

Welcome back Thrivers! In this episode, I talk about one of the most underleveraged yet crucial skills that leaders must have, and that’s the art of owning your narrative and harnessing the remarkable influence of public speaking. Your life experiences, highs, lows, and lessons shape your personal stories, and they ultimately impact your personal and professional trajectories - that is why in this episode, we’re about to explore the unparalleled power of owning your narrative and becoming a public speaking sensation.

I’m going to show you just how potent the power of storytelling can be within the corporate and entrepreneurial landscape by taking you through my own journey harnessing this very power in both my workplace and my business. I’m also going to touch on defying external opinions and firmly anchoring yourself in your personal voice and influence, as well as how to navigate the art of crafting a visionary trajectory that is woven into the fabric of your identity.

Tune in to not only understand the transformative power of these concepts but also to glean practical insights on how to wield them effectively. Your narrative is your compass, and your voice is your instrument - discover how to make them resonate powerfully in this episode.


  • The pivotal moment when I embraced and controlled my personal narrative.
  • Cloudy Clarity, how to realistically identify your vision and create a path toward it, even when you’re uncertain!
  • Reshaping external perceptions by understanding your own identity.
  • Forget hard work and great performance, harness the influential tool of career storytelling.
  • My biggest secrets and tips on public speaking and owning your narrative


‘I am in the room because I belong here. I belong where my feet are, and I have something valuable to contribute. Lean into that affirmation and let it encourage you to use your voice to speak up.” - Brittany Cole

“Brand is belief. The definition of a personal brand is what other people believe about you.” - Brittany Cole

“One of the biggest missed opportunities, especially for women in the workplace, is we expect that the key to advancement is hard work and great performance.” Brittany Cole


Are you ready to break free from the grip of self-doubt and truly own your narrative?

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The Career Thrivers podcast is so inspiring, informative, engaging, educational, and most of all encouraging. Brittany does an amazing job finding guest that are true experts & crafters in their field. After every episode I am left feeling uplifted about how to create a life + career that truly represents my authentic self. This podcast is for you if you are ready to level up + get serious about building the life you have always dreamed of. A podcast of not only career lessons but life lessons as well!

Career Thrivers

I just discovered Brittany and I am in awe of how she speaks the language that I didn’t even know I needed to hear! Her show is so transparent and relatable!!! I highly recommend!!

Career Thrivers

Very relevant life and career info. 🙂

Career Thrivers

Brittany is awesome! I love the variety of guests on her show and the wisdom she brings to having a fulfilling career whether you're an entrepreneur or working a 9-5.

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