Best of Leading Yourself and a Thriving TeamLet's Thrive Together

Best of Leading Yourself and a Thriving Team

Join Brittany as she concludes Season 4 with the ultimate highlights on mastering self-leadership and team thriving!


  • EP40: Disrupting The Status Quo Of Leadership Development
  • EP45: Lead to Win: Own your Power to Lead with Impact, Empathy & Emotional Intelligence with Carla Harris | Senior Client Advisor at Morgan Stanley
  • EP47: Cultivating an Inclusive Culture Where Everybody Thrives with Dr. Janice Gassam Asare | DEI Consultant, Author, Writer
  • EP49: Creating a Culture of Coaching
  • EP50: Casting Vision and Keeping Leaders Accountable with Ebonee Davis Ifeobu
  • EP53: Navigating Faith, Leadership, and Spiritual Growth with Rev. Kenneth Johnson


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Brittany is awesome! I love the variety of guests on her show and the wisdom she brings to having a fulfilling career whether you're an entrepreneur or working a 9-5.

Take a listen with me
Let's Thrive Together

I just discovered Brittany and I am in awe of how she speaks the language that I didn’t even know I needed to hear! Her show is so transparent and relatable!!! I highly recommend!!

Let's Thrive Together

Very relevant life and career info. 🙂

Let's Thrive Together

Every episode leaves me with takeaways of impactful nuggets I can implement into my daily life or challenges to make me better! Brittany is a bright light and brings on fresh voices.

Let's Thrive Together
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