Transition Through the Labors of Life with Angela GenzaleHealth Conscious Living Podcast

Transition Through the Labors of Life with Angela Genzale

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Meet Angela Genzale - a certified obstetrical nurse and life coach with over 30 years of experience.

A highly skilled labor and delivery nurse who has dedicated herself to helping women bring new life into the world, as a life coach, Angela is also committed to guiding people through the labors of life.

Tune in as Angela shares her journey of pain, darkness, and trusting her inner wisdom and intuition of knowing, even when the labors of life seemed too much to bare. And how she now implements her own toolkit of healing modalities to help her clients give birth to their highest selves and accomplish their goals with clarity, confidence, and connection.


  • Angela’s healing journey and path to life coaching
  • The darkest time of Angela’s life
  • What Angela did when no healing modality seemed to work
  • Trusting your intuition and taking action
  • How the stages of labor relate to the stages of life Why we all need a D.R.E.A.M. team to overcome and achieve


“I think the backbone of everything really was the meditation, the visualization, and tuning into my intuition. However, you could sit all day and do that. But if you don't actually take action, nothing's going to happen.” - Angela Genzale

“We need a full complement of a dream team to really help us through those labors of life. And a coach, or a mentor, or even a therapist - someone that has walked that path before and knows what it takes to get through it is so important.” - Angela Genzale


Angela Genzale



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Dr. Gayle brings amazing information to the forefront. Here show is amazing and is much needed for everyone in this world. Take a listen.

Dr. Betsy Greenleaf
Health Conscious Living Podcast

I am grateful for Dr Gayle Meyers and her holistic approach. She helped me find comfort and balance after experiencing two years of chronic pain and discomfort that traditional medicine could not help me overcome.The podcast series provides real life examples of challenges that all humans encounter. Hugely informative for the healing journey.Thank you Gayle.

SMS Reconnaissant
Health Conscious Living Podcast

In a world that I find lacking in spiritual guidance unless you happen to belong to a church of some kind, I found solace and fulfillment listening to Dr. Myer’s Health Conscious Living Podcast. Her soothing voice lends itself extremely well to this type of medium, never rushing her gentle words of wisdom. I listened to her podcast again this morning while drinking coffee and watching the Spring birds returning to Vermont after the long winter. It was so nice to be reminded that we are all just “spiritual beings having a human experience”.

Cynthia Jane Evans
Health Conscious Living Podcast

A wealth of health podcast your wellbeing can’t afford to miss! Dr. Gayle’s inspiring story, wealth of knowledge, and deep passion for helping you on your healing journey, coupled with her soothing and melodious voice makes this a must listen.

Health Conscious Living Podcast
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