The Power of Visualization and Grounding ToolsHealth Conscious Living Podcast

The Power of Visualization and Grounding Tools

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As spiritual beings, we're always creating nonstop. But how many times a day do you REALLY think about what you have to do? Where you have to be? Who you will be meeting? What kind of interaction will happen? And what you want to accomplish?

In this episode, Dr. Gayle explains why shifting your awareness to your inner world is one of the best uses of your time. Through visualization, meditation, and the grounding tools she shares, you will be able to reboot from your inner source of creativity and find neutrality - the key to freedom and creating the life we desire.

So tune in for this meditation tool refresher and join Dr. Gayle in the following meditation to put what you've learned to good use!


  • What we envision, we create
  • Energy flows where your attention goes
  • Remember: everything is energy!
  • The benefits of grounding tools


“The grounding tool is invaluable in staying calm and present while navigating the stressors of living.”

“It's like taking a spiritual shower and washing all that energy down the drain.”


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In a world that I find lacking in spiritual guidance unless you happen to belong to a church of some kind, I found solace and fulfillment listening to Dr. Myer’s Health Conscious Living Podcast. Her soothing voice lends itself extremely well to this type of medium, never rushing her gentle words of wisdom. I listened to her podcast again this morning while drinking coffee and watching the Spring birds returning to Vermont after the long winter. It was so nice to be reminded that we are all just “spiritual beings having a human experience”.

Cynthia Jane Evans
Health Conscious Living Podcast

I found the podcasts very refreshing and well prepared

TM Night
Health Conscious Living Podcast

Learn how to guide and support your own body and mind to wellbeing and wellness, through easy to embrace wisdom. So grateful for Dr Gayle’s sharing, guidance and support ~ looking forward to more episodes!

R E Jeffers
Health Conscious Living Podcast

I recently had the pleasure of listening to Health Conscious Living Podcast. Dr. Gayle’s passion and expertise on the subject of living a healthy lifestyle and navigating healing after trauma shines through in her delivery. She breaks down complex health topics in an easy to understand way, and provides actionable tips for listeners to implement in their own lives. The guests she brings on the show are equally knowledgeable and offer a diverse range of perspectives. I appreciate how the show cover is not only physical health, but also mental and emotional wellness. I look forward to future episodes and highly recommend health conscious living to anyone looking to take control of their health and live their best life.

Health Conscious Living Podcast
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