Social Connections and Well-BeingHealth Conscious Living Podcast

Social Connections and Well-Being

Did you know that social connections are vital to your health and well-being, along with the well-being of others and even the planet? Take the “butterfly effect” for example, a theory coined in the 1960s, where small changes can have far-reaching effects. So can a simple flap of a butterfly's wings really cause a tornado?

Tune in as Dr. Gayle looks at the science behind social connections and not only how others’ behaviors affect us, but how we affect the health of those around us, our community, and the entire planet!


  • Health benefits of positive social connections
  • What are mirror neurons?
  • The value of a positive social network
  • Negative impacts of social isolation and loneliness
  • Identify your passion and find your tribe


“Humans are wired to be connected in tribes. Your vibe connects your tribe, and that goes both ways, positive and negative.” - Dr. Gayle Myers


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Dr Gayle’s voice is so soothing it instantly grounds me into my body. Thank goodness there is a beacon here that can help us slow down and go deep.

Queen Mary Tan
Health Conscious Living Podcast

This is an extraordinary podcast that I believe will be exceptionally sought after by all types of individuals in the days ahead for guidance and inspiration.Dr. Gayle is top in her field with a deep, long term spiritual practice to bridge with the gap between practical skills with the spiritual world.

Health Conscious Living Podcast

Well worth it. Dr. Gayle Myers offers practical and inspiring insights for our individual healing journeys. A rare podcast where I listen to episodes again. So start or swing back to the beginning as content builds week to week. She has a welcome interview style as she lets her guests speak and her voice is soothing, gentle yet firm. You can heal and be patient!

Toyohiko K
Health Conscious Living Podcast

Dr. Gayle shares her wealth of wisdom in a healing, inspiring, and accessible way that supports your whole wellness. This podcast is a delightful gift to all listeners!

Gwyneth R Flack
Health Conscious Living Podcast
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