Season 1 Final Episode:  More Expert Tips for Wellbeing and MindsetHealth Conscious Living Podcast

Season 1 Final Episode: More Expert Tips for Wellbeing and Mindset

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Season 1 of the Health Conscious Living Podcast is coming to an end, and Dr. Gayle wants to thank everyone for embarking on this journey of enlightenment with her. So to wrap up the season, she would like to remind us of the countless pearls of wisdom her guests shared about their healing path, how it transformed their life and business, and their tips to grow and make your days brighter.

So lean in a little closer to this season finale for Dr. Gayle’s favorite takeaways, and don’t hesitate to send your biggest takeaway to!


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Dr Gayle is the perfect marriage between spiritual knowledge and practical application. As a medicinal doctor who’s been through a near death experience and her own spiritual awakening, her way of educating is very clear and as I mentioned, practical!

Health Conscious Living Podcast

Well worth it. Dr. Gayle Myers offers practical and inspiring insights for our individual healing journeys. A rare podcast where I listen to episodes again. So start or swing back to the beginning as content builds week to week. She has a welcome interview style as she lets her guests speak and her voice is soothing, gentle yet firm. You can heal and be patient!

Toyohiko K
Health Conscious Living Podcast

Dr. Gayle brings amazing information to the forefront. Here show is amazing and is much needed for everyone in this world. Take a listen.

Dr. Betsy Greenleaf
Health Conscious Living Podcast

The "Health Conscious Living" podcast with Dr. Gayle Myers is a great resource for anyone looking to live a happier, healthier life through gratitude and resilience. Dr. Myers offers practical advice and insights on a holistic approach to health and wellness, emphasizing the importance of mental and emotional practices as well as physical health habits. Her podcast is an excellent resource for personal growth and spirituality.

Andrew Barker
Health Conscious Living Podcast
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