Season 1 Final Episode: More Expert Tips for Wellbeing and MindsetHealth Conscious Living Podcast

Season 1 Final Episode: More Expert Tips for Wellbeing and Mindset

Season 1 of the Health Conscious Living Podcast is coming to an end, and Dr. Gayle wants to thank everyone for embarking on this journey of enlightenment with her. So to wrap up the season, she would like to remind us of the countless pearls of wisdom her guests shared about their healing path, how it transformed their life and business, and their tips to grow and make your days brighter.

So lean in a little closer to this season finale for Dr. Gayle’s favorite takeaways, and don’t hesitate to send your biggest takeaway to!


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Dr Gayle is the perfect marriage between spiritual knowledge and practical application. As a medicinal doctor who’s been through a near death experience and her own spiritual awakening, her way of educating is very clear and as I mentioned, practical!

Health Conscious Living Podcast

Dr. Gayle shares her wealth of wisdom in a healing, inspiring, and accessible way that supports your whole wellness. This podcast is a delightful gift to all listeners!

Gwyneth R Flack
Health Conscious Living Podcast

In a world that I find lacking in spiritual guidance unless you happen to belong to a church of some kind, I found solace and fulfillment listening to Dr. Myer’s Health Conscious Living Podcast. Her soothing voice lends itself extremely well to this type of medium, never rushing her gentle words of wisdom. I listened to her podcast again this morning while drinking coffee and watching the Spring birds returning to Vermont after the long winter. It was so nice to be reminded that we are all just “spiritual beings having a human experience”.

Cynthia Jane Evans
Health Conscious Living Podcast

Just her presence alone, in addition to her voice and energy is peaceful calming and safe. Her knowledge, experience and life gives her the wisdom well beyond her years, offering a clear and laser focused approach to your highest well-being.

Dr Gayle shares her many gifts through her perspective of opportunity and possibility and the guests she attracts and connects with share a mutual message contributing to the incredible impact Dr Gayle so graciously shares.

I recommend exploring all that she has to offer through her podcast as she reflects and offers mind-body-spirit -health and wellness impacting every area of your life.

Health Conscious Living Podcast
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