More Than Just a 7-Figure Dream: Authentic Entrepreneurship with Keila Hill-TrawickRich In Real Life

More Than Just a 7-Figure Dream: Authentic Entrepreneurship with Keila Hill-Trawick

Today we've got an incredible guest on the show - Keila Hill-Trawick, founder of Little Fish Accounting, host of the Fish Food Podcast, accomplished speaker, and soon-to-be author - and I am thrilled to be sharing this conversation because Keila and I are taking you behind the scenes of entrepreneurship, peeling back the curtain to reveal the nitty-gritty, not-so-glamorous side of running a business.

We will dive deep into the foundations of authentic entrepreneurship and break down the myth that success in business is all about hitting that coveted 7-figure revenue mark. It's not just about the numbers; it's about staying true to your authentic self, building a network that genuinely supports you, and knowing your financial numbers inside and out. Keila also highlights the importance of staying true to yourself in business and building networks that allow you to be unapologetically you.

We will also talk about the importance of financial awareness in your business journey, because knowing your numbers is vital for making informed decisions, such as when to take breaks, pivot, or invest in your business. However, the ultimate message we hope to impart is to build a business you love, where your authenticity shines and you are supported by a circle that genuinely wants the best for you.

So, stay tuned as we explore how you can create a business that aligns with your passion, joy, and authenticity, where your journey is defined by your own terms, not society's expectations.


• The unglamorous side of entrepreneurship and moving beyond the 7-figure revenue myth
• You can grow your business without getting bigger
• Why understanding your financial numbers is crucial; it's not just about making money but knowing where it's going
• The importance of a genuine, intentional circle of friends who offer support, guidance, and a safe space
• Hitting the 7-figure revenue mark doesn't guarantee happiness or success, so focus on what genuinely matters to you
• Keila shares personal experiences, such as taking a 30-day break and reevaluating her business
• The importance of aligning your business with your passion, creating a joyful and fulfilling journey
• It's not about societal expectations; it's about your own terms and authenticity


“If you made more money than you ever did this year but you felt miserable, why do you want to do that again?” - Keila Hill-Trawick

“I don't want more clients. I want better clients for what I want to do.” - Keila Hill-Trawick

“We tend to think of ourselves as beginners for longer than we're actually beginners.” - Keila Hill-Trawick


Keila Hill-Trawick
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Tune in to the Fish Food Podcast with Keila Hill-Trawick!

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This is everything. I can’t say I didn’t cry hearing this because I did.Ive never heard something this accurate in my life ! To think that any women or even sometimes men feel like they are legit going nuts from thinking “ this is it ?! It can’t be “. Wanting more for yourself doesn’t mean your ungrateful and that is exactly what I needed to hear ! This is simply golden, thank you so much for pouring to us. Looking forward to continuing hearing more of your podcasts.XoxoJessica C.

Jessica C✨
Rich In Real Life

Impactful x Useful x Powerful!! This podcast is a blessings & guide to goal setting & eliminating every distraction in between your ideas and turning them into reality.Episode 50 may be my new morning inspiration! You can click on it during any part of your day & be reminded to stay on course!

Rashard Hall
Rich In Real Life

The best podcast Ever ! Very inspiring!! Thank you Jessica

Rich In Real Life

Tune in. You will leave inspired to keep pushing through whatever situation you are in. Valuable information!!

Rich In Real Life
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