What They Don’t Say About Successful Leadership & Building A 7-Figure Business with Dr. Erica Jordan-ThomasRich In Real Life

What They Don’t Say About Successful Leadership & Building A 7-Figure Business with Dr. Erica Jordan-Thomas

I often say that the path of an entrepreneur gets really messy sometimes, but with a little shift in perspective, these ugly moments can actually be invitations for you to step into something bigger and better for your business.

Today I am joined by Education Leadership Consultant & Entrepreneurship Coach Dr. Erica Jordan-Thomas to talk about what they don’t say about successful leadership and building a 7-figure business. From former school principal to now founder of EJ T Education Group, which houses EJT consulting and Six-Figure Educator, Dr. Erica Jordan-Thomas is on a mission to help Black women grow their education consulting businesses into six and seven empires.

In this episode, we talk about all the lessons that we’ve had to learn the hard way to build a multi-figure business. We talk about the catch-22 of successful leadership, creating & protecting your company culture, getting your team invested in your vision, going from delegating tasks to delegating decisions, and slowing down in order to speed up. We also open up about the identity crises that we went through as business owners and the shedding of our old selves in order to step into the 6, 7, or 8-figure business owner that we’re meant to be.

Erica drops a tonne of gems on me in this episode, so you definitely do not want to miss out on this - join in on the conversation and learn all about the unspoken yet vital parts of entrepreneurship with me and Erica today.


  • How Erica made her pivot from school principal to 7-figure entrepreneur
  • How do you differentiate being stretched from being in misalignment?
  • The moment Erica made her zone of genius profitable
  • What it means to build an equitable company
  • The catch-22 of successful leadership
  • How do you get your team deeply invested in your vision?
  • When you’re hitting milestones and things are still falling apart…
  • Building a wall vs building a fence in your business
  • The pruning process at different stages of your business
  • How rest equals revenue: Why you need to slow down to speed up


“When God is trying to move you to the next thing, he will often create some type of disruption.” - Erica Jordan-Thomas

“People equate revenue to the maturity of their business, and they're not always an equal correlation” - Erica Jordan-Thomas

“Entrepreneurship is disguised as the greatest self development journey you will ever go on.” - Jessica Hurley

Erica Jordan-Thomas

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Your a very inspiring person with a heart of gold! Your podcasts are phenomenal.

Rich In Real Life

I love how you are so real and authentic. Keep up the great work!

Jillian U
Rich In Real Life

I hated when I want to celebrate a win and there was no applause but more like, “oh nice” rather than I’m so happy for you. Ugh

MJM Payroll
Rich In Real Life

I appreciate Jessica and her guests’ candor throughout this series. I really enjoyed the Fifteen Minute Friday and episode with Women in Radio founder, Meagan. Thank you for sharing each week! If you’re stepping out on faith to do anything biz, personal or otherwise, I highly recommend you listen!

Rich In Real Life
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