A Founder's Guide to Scaling and Exiting Your Business the Right Way with Gamal Codner | E-Commerce Business CoachRich In Real Life

A Founder's Guide to Scaling and Exiting Your Business the Right Way with Gamal Codner | E-Commerce Business Coach

Welcome back guys - I cannot be more thrilled for this episode because I'm finally getting answers to the burning questions about my business that have been plaguing my mind. I've often found myself in that middle ground, unsure of who to consult with when it comes to scaling my business and enhancing profit margins without feeling like I'm constantly counting pennies… Sound familiar?

So today, we have a real treat because we’re diving into the world of scaling and business strategy with Gamal Codnor, creator of the Scaling Blueprint and the Exit Blueprint. These programs offer invaluable insights for founders across various domains, from e-commerce to service-based businesses. They provide the roadmap to not only scale effectively but also reposition and exit your business strategically. So buckle up, folks, you're in for an enlightening conversation with Gamal Codnor, where we explore the secrets to growing your business sustainably while preserving your sanity.


  • The importance of scaling a business efficiently and profitably
  • Common pitfalls founders face when trying to grow their business
  • Making your customer the hero in your business story
  • Embracing simplicity in your business model for scalable success
  • The role of authentic storytelling in building a strong brand
  • Recognizing when it's time to pivot, reposition, or even exit your business
  • How to prioritize tasks as a founder and delegate effectively for growth
  • Real-world examples of businesses that have successfully scaled and exited
  • The importance of finding the balance between business growth and personal fulfillment
  • Embracing failures, bankruptcy, and restarts as valuable learning experiences on your entrepreneurial journey


"Simplicity scales, complexity doesn't." - Gamal Codner

“We're so full of fear of failure or fear of what other people think that we don't oftentimes think about that, but real business people go through bankruptcy and restructuring all the freaking time.” - Gamal Codner

“If you could only do one thing in your business to grow, what would that one thing be?” - Gamal Codner

Gamal Codner

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I hated when I want to celebrate a win and there was no applause but more like, “oh nice” rather than I’m so happy for you. Ugh

MJM Payroll
Rich In Real Life

Impactful x Useful x Powerful!! This podcast is a blessings & guide to goal setting & eliminating every distraction in between your ideas and turning them into reality.Episode 50 may be my new morning inspiration! You can click on it during any part of your day & be reminded to stay on course!

Rashard Hall
Rich In Real Life

Jessica is an excellent host and I highly recommend anyone who finds themselves stuck in life to listen to The Stranded Phase podcast!

Trevor Oldham
Rich In Real Life

I’m new to listening to podcasts, I actually got to meet Jessica this year, I started following her on IG and loved her content there- everything is insightful and motivational. I came to listen to her podcast and love it! It’s like therapy for me! Give her a listen, I’m sure you’ll love it too!

Rich In Real Life
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