Life Is Hard, Lean in With Love With Rozella WhiteSix Figure Certified Coach

Life Is Hard, Lean in With Love With Rozella White

Meet Rozella White - social impact entrepreneur and founder of RHW Counsulting LLC and Racial Healing & Wellness Coaching LLC. An IGC graduate and affectionately known as the #LoveBigCoach, her mission is focused on how we can lean in to change, transition, and conflict from a place of love.

Tune in as Rozella reflects on her own healing journey and how it allows her to connect more deeply with her clients. From shifting her mindset to pouring into herself to finding her village, listen in as Rozella reveals why nurturing love that is life-giving, justice-seeking, and healing is how we do not simply survive, but thrive through the seasons of life.

Life is hard, but “the shit of life can become the most beautiful compost.”


  • Who is Rozella White, the Love Big Coach?
  • Why Rozella does not believe in unconditional positivity
  • Shifting your mindset to embrace the suffering of life
  • What inspired Rozella to go from theologian to entrepreneur to coach?
  • Racial healing, wellness, and building a love ethic community
  • The five pieces of Rozella’s six-figure success story


“Love actually shifts culture. Love has the power to shift how we relate to ourselves and each other. And love is ultimately about leaning in with abundance, rather than being led by fear and scarcity.”


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Love this new podcast from Katie, Liv and so many IGC graduates. It’s so cool to hear their many, different stories and what they’ve overcome to become six figure coaches. I love how they support certification but also know how to laugh and have fun along the way. I enjoyed listening to their stories and coaching business advice and I think you will too!

Six Figure Certified Coach

Love all of the relatable stories and actionable tips on building a six figure coaching business’

Six Figure Certified Coach

Such a great glimpse into creating the life you want for yourself! I loved listening to all the episodes & hearing each persons experiences & ideas! Can’t wait for the next episode 🙌🏻

Six Figure Certified Coach

LOVE this podcast! Katie and Olivia share amazing stories about their own experiences and how to get yourself together for your business! A MUST for any female entrepreneurs 🙌

Six Figure Certified Coach
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