Diversifying your Coach Credentials with Kendell DalySix Figure Certified Coach

Diversifying your Coach Credentials with Kendell Daly

Join Liv in this week's episode as she is joined by Leadership Coach, Mentor Coach, and IGC's Level II Graduate Program Director, Kendell Daly. Kendell is a cosmetologist, educator, and mother who has helped women all over the world build confidence and leadership skills to achieve their goals and dreams as new developing Life Coaches with ease.

Kendell's expertise in obtaining ACC and PCC credentials with the International Coaching Federation while opening new opportunities for coaches and business owners is invaluable. Her guidance, combined with her passion for empowering women, has made her an integral part of the IGC community.

If you're looking to take your career as a life coach to the next level, Kendell's insights and experience are a must-listen. Get ready to be inspired and motivated to pursue your dreams and make them a reality.


How Kendell came to Inner Glow Circle (from a different Life Coaching Program, btw)

Kendall’s story from Course student to leading the Level II Coach Training Program, Leader’s Rising

How Kendal diversifies her Certification in multiple areas of the coaching industry

How Kendall believes coaching is a form of self-care

How coaching has impacted Kendell’s growth journey personally and professionally


Have you graduated from Level I Coach Training or another Coach Training program? Learn more about IGC's graduate program Leader's Rising at innerglowcircle.com/leadersrising and prepare yourself to get your PCC credentials with the ICF.


Work with Kendell: ⁠https://www.innerglowcircle.com/kendell-daly

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Find your purpose, live it, and get paid with Inner Glow Circle, an ICF Accredited life coach school for women, by women: ⁠⁠innerglowcircle.com⁠⁠

Find out more about IGC's financing options, email: finance@innerglowcircle.com

Speak with an Admissions Advisor NOW: ⁠⁠innerglowcircle.com/call⁠⁠

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LOVE this podcast! Katie and Olivia share amazing stories about their own experiences and how to get yourself together for your business! A MUST for any female entrepreneurs 🙌

Six Figure Certified Coach

I love listening to this podcast! Katie and Liv bring their coaching, business expertise, and a whole slew of successful female coaches and entrepreneurs into the conversation. They discuss a variety of topics, life challenges, and share tips and tricks. Must- have inspiration for life coaches, new or established!

Amanda Flynn
Six Figure Certified Coach

It’s nice to hear about coaching as a real career and calling, with practical tips about how to build a business that leverages your skills and passions. Each episode will leave you with new takeaways, can’t wait to hear more!

Jess Chaps
Six Figure Certified Coach

I have learned SO much from this podcast! There are so many gems in each episode that will help you continue to move forward. Katie and Liv know their stuff and I love all of the inspiring stories that their guests share! Definitely add this to your list! You won’t regret it!

Six Figure Certified Coach
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