How to Use NLP in your Coaching Business with Kaleah JonesSix Figure Certified Coach

How to Use NLP in your Coaching Business with Kaleah Jones

On this week's episode, Liv sits down with IGC's NLP Practioner and Trainer, Kaleah Jones. A lifelong learner and self-development enthusiast, Kaleah loves integrating Universal Law to help clients tune in and turn on to their most unique creative expression and authentic self.

Kaleah became a Mindset Coach after climbing the corporate ladder and reaching the goal of having a leadership position only to find herself mentally, emotionally stressed and unfulfilled.

Kaleah set out on a personal mission to take her own power back and find her purpose in life. She immersed herself in personal and spiritual development, the study of epigenetics, Universal Laws, NLP and really understanding how the mind works. She discovered all this time, the power was already within her. She loves helping clients hone in on their own personal power.

Kaleah holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management and a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership. She is an IGC Level I and Level II graduate, 2020 scholarship recipient, Certified NLP Practitioner, Certified Women's Circle Leader and ICF ACC Credentialed Coach and Trainer.


Kaleah’s story and how NLP was introduced into her Coaching Practice

What NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and how you must apply it first to yourself before using it in your coaching practice

Kaleah’s favorite NLP techniques (out of the thousands you could potentially use!)

Where NLP can be applied both personally and professionally


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LOVE this podcast! Katie and Olivia share amazing stories about their own experiences and how to get yourself together for your business! A MUST for any female entrepreneurs 🙌

Six Figure Certified Coach

I love listening to this podcast! Katie and Liv bring their coaching, business expertise, and a whole slew of successful female coaches and entrepreneurs into the conversation. They discuss a variety of topics, life challenges, and share tips and tricks. Must- have inspiration for life coaches, new or established!

Amanda Flynn
Six Figure Certified Coach

Liz and Katie have done an amazing job outlining what matters in a coaching business and what it takes to be a successful coach. Their message of taking control, female empowerment, and living with integrity is helping to shape my own business. They’ve shared the right tools and I now have the confidence to be a general life coach and be able to meet the client where they are - versus picking a very specialized area, which can be limiting. So grateful for IGC!

Six Figure Certified Coach

What an honor it is to have been apart of this podcast, and Katie did a PHENOMENAL job of allowing me to say what I really needed to share with the world. Listening is a HUGE thing to me, and I felt so HEARD and validated, thank you ladies for continuing this work!! Please keep the episodes coming!! ❤️👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Six Figure Certified Coach
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