How to Sustainably Grow Your Confidence (in all areas of your life) with Olivia ChapmanSix Figure Certified Coach

How to Sustainably Grow Your Confidence (in all areas of your life) with Olivia Chapman

In this episode, Olivia Chapman, the CEO of Inner Glow Circle, shares the action steps she takes to deal with imposter syndrome in business or life in general. She emphasizes that confidence is a practice, and even if you start from zero, taking small actions every day can bring radical changes in your life, business, workplace, relationships, and more.

If you feel like you're struggling in different aspects of your life, you're the only one who has your back, or you're overwhelmed by the lack of resources or finances, then this episode is for you. Olivia's insights can help you navigate through difficult times and empower you to take action towards a more confident and fulfilling life.


Imposter Syndrome as a confidence killer

The relationship between confidence and taking ownership of your decisions

How to mentally create the best version of yourself, and how to shift into that version of you today

What action steps can you take to increase your confidence (and sustain it long-term)


In your journal, jot down these reflection questions to think on as you're working on your commitment plan to increase your confidence.

Where in your life do you feel like Imposter Syndrome Shows up the most?

What are the side affects of that Imposter Syndrome?

Where in your life do you feel the most confident?

What results do you create from that confidence?

What do you have to do, to be the best version of yourself?


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Everything they do is 5 stars! I'm loving their brand new podcast and know it will be full of life changing, career, and coaching tips. I’m so excited to add this new podcast to my weekly podcast rotation. Loving it!

Six Figure Certified Coach

The conversations they are having on this pod are inspiring and, most importantly, authentic. I love hearing stories of successful women and seeing what lessons from each I can apply to my own life. Excited to keep listening!

Six Figure Certified Coach

What an honor it is to have been apart of this podcast, and Katie did a PHENOMENAL job of allowing me to say what I really needed to share with the world. Listening is a HUGE thing to me, and I felt so HEARD and validated, thank you ladies for continuing this work!! Please keep the episodes coming!! ❤️👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Six Figure Certified Coach

Love all of the relatable stories and actionable tips on building a six figure coaching business’

Six Figure Certified Coach
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