Overcoming to Impact: Unveiling Resilience from Cancer Survivor Margaret GregoryMultifaceted AF

Overcoming to Impact: Unveiling Resilience from Cancer Survivor Margaret Gregory

In today’s episode, your Multifaceted host Kae sits down with Margaret Gregory, an educator and breast cancer survivor, for a deep dive into her life's inspiring journey. Join them as they explore two pivotal aspects of Margaret's life: her profound dedication to the field of education and her inspiring battle with cancer.

Discover how Margaret's experience with illness has influenced her teaching philosophy and approach to life. You will also be inspired by Margaret's powerful story of resilience, survival, and thriving beyond adversity by being a multifaceted woman and showing up authentically in the different parts of her life. So, don’t miss out on this episode as Margaret and Kae share heartfelt stories, meaningful experiences, and life-changing lessons while learning to seize every moment and embrace life to the fullest today.

TW: Murder, loss of a loved one, grief.


- On the importance of representation and career aspirations

- Margaret’s breast cancer journey, self-discovery, and growth

- The importance of processing trauma and seeking therapy for emotional well-being

- Ways to take care of yourself: Self-care, health & wellness

- On dealing with trauma and how it can manifest in different ways

- Embracing life to the fullest and not waiting to enjoy its pleasures

- Margaret's plans for an upcoming book and a clothing line for mastectomy patients


"Life is short. I was living off the fat of the land and just got a new promotion. And I was about to make six figures for the first time. I was so excited, and then I had to pause." - Margaret Gregory

"For me, cancer was a way in which it saved my life. I just got out of a toxic relationship, and at the moment, I thought I was choosing that person over my own health, I got a chance to see myself outside of work. I just got a chance to just come back to me." - Margaret Gregory


Margaret Gregory

FB | Maggi Gregory


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