Unveiling Multifacets: A Journey from IT Relations to Digital Leadership with Kerwin DimmottMultifaceted AF

Unveiling Multifacets: A Journey from IT Relations to Digital Leadership with Kerwin Dimmott

Welcome back to another episode of Multifaceted AF! In this insightful conversation, Kae sits down with Kerwin Dimmott, a seasoned professional whose journey from IT relations to a senior management role in the digital workspace and user experience is nothing short of inspiring.

Join us as Kerwin shares insights into his multifaceted role and the pivotal moments that led him to his current position. This episode delves into the importance of embracing unconventional career paths, building a community within the workplace, and fostering camaraderie among employees.

Together, Kae and Kerwin discuss leadership, career development, and the crucial role of coaching, including the mindset shift in resume writing. So, tune in as they navigate the complexities of the tech industry and challenge conventional norms that will help us learn to embrace our unique journeys today.


  • The multifaceted role of Kerwin and his insights
  • His career trajectory and representation in the tech industry
  • On embracing an unconventional career path
  • The importance of building community and camaraderie among employees
  • Kae’s experiences of workplace bias and why representation matters
  • On leadership, career development, and diversity in the workplace
  • The pivotal role of coaching — such as mindset shift in resume writing
  • The importance of identifying and utilizing one's strengths to achieve success


“Multifaceted can mean having multiple cuts of value to the big picture as far as a conglomerate of.” — Kerwin Dimmott

“It's about being able to lead others. And if you want to make that shift from ‘I am a worker’ to ‘I am a leader’, you have to show them — ‘I’m capable of doing this’.” — Kae Ricketts


Kerwin Dimmott

IG | https://www.instagram.com/ikenwin/

FB | https://www.facebook.com/kerwin.dimmott/


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