Fashion with Passion: A Journey of Empowerment & Representation with Christopher GoffiganMultifaceted AF

Fashion with Passion: A Journey of Empowerment & Representation with Christopher Goffigan

Join Multifaceted Mama Kae as she sits down with Christopher Goffigan, the founder of BLACKPPLUNITELLC, a clothing brand that aims to give a sense of unity and togetherness to people. Their inspiring conversation highlights the unity, representation, and empowerment of the black and brown community.

The absence of role models has made Chris acutely aware of the transformative power of representation. This recurring theme in their discussion showcases how representation can be a game-changer; inspiring individuals to overcome adversity and aspire to greatness.

Chris also emphasizes the importance of continued progress, empowerment, and making a tangible impact on communities. You'll discover how representation can change lives, the power of setting goals, and how multifaceted individuals like Chris are making a difference. So, tune in to learn more about having fashion with one’s passion with Kae and Chris today!


- Founding BLACKPPLUNITE LLC focused on unity and advocacy

- How this mission continues to create positive change in the community

- The influence of strong female figures in Chris's life

- The importance of representation in empowering communities

- How Chris navigated the lack of male role models during his upbringing

- The mission and goals of the Jermaine Goffigan Peaceful Halo Organization

- The significance of having a written goal and working toward it


"I tell everyone out there, always write down what you're trying to do. Right now your goals have to have something that you want to work on." - Christopher Goffigan

"To all the listeners, just keep going never give up even when you feel like nothing's happening. Something's happening all week go." - Christopher Goffigan


Christopher Goffigan (Blackpplunitellc)

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