The Science of Sleep and Brain Function with Dr. Daniel Barone Surviving Your Brain

The Science of Sleep and Brain Function with Dr. Daniel Barone

Do you find yourself having difficulty falling asleep? Or do you find yourself feeling exhausted even after a full 8 hours of sleep?

Learn more about healthy sleeping habits as Dr. Daniel Barone, Associate Professor of Clinical Neurology from Weill Cornell Center joins Dr. Philippe Douyon to discuss how our sleeping patterns affect our brain and body functions.

As a neurologist and sleep expert, Dr. Daniel Barone explains the detrimental consequences of sleep deprivation. He also dives into the causes of various sleep-related conditions and disorders, and shows us why some of our sleeping problems may actually be a symptom of an illness.

So before you hit the snooze button and reset your body clock, tune in to this episode to unlock more hacks for better and more restful sleep.


  • The consequences of sleep deprivation on our brain and body health
  • The importance of quantity, quality, and timing in your sleep schedule
  • Your sleeping problem may actually be a symptom of an illness.
  • The causes of Sleep Apnea and how to treat it.
  • Understanding REM sleep, sleep paralysis and other sleeping conditions
  • Things to avoid for more restful sleep
  • Five things you can do now to improve your sleep
  • When should you get a sleep evaluation and talk to your doctor


“While our ability to kind of deal with sleep deprivation does get better, as we get older, the need for sleep is still the same.” - Daniel Barone

“Sleep apnea is a condition where the tongue and the soft tissue are basically falling backwards and closing off the airway. So, if we say this is a normally open airway – here's where snoring happens. And then closed off is where sleep apnea happens.” - Daniel Barone


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Let's Talk about Sleep & The Story of Sleep: From A to Zzzz


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Amazing! Dr. Douyon does an excellent job of helping you shift your mindset. After listening to Surviving Your Brain, I found myself being more conscientious of my thoughts; Dr. Douyon’s teachings have helped me to elevate my perspective and build a positive mindset. I find myself listening each morning (yes, listening to the week’s episode repeatedly and amazed that I learn something new with each replay). Surviving Your Brain is full of valuable information and insight can’t wait for the next episode.

Mrs. Singleton
Surviving Your Brain

Surviving your Brain podcast is nothing short of amazing and so inspiring! Listening to Dr. Douyon’s stories had inspired me to be the leader that my brain needs me to be. I have learned that I have the ability to change my life by simply changing the way that I think and utilizing Dr. Douyon’s proven strategies and taking his online course. This podcast is must listen/see! Can’t wait for her episodes to be released!

Just LonnieD
Surviving Your Brain

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