Your Brain Is Playing Tricks On You: Conquering Trauma with Jessica HurleySurviving Your Brain

Your Brain Is Playing Tricks On You: Conquering Trauma with Jessica Hurley

Many of us may think that we’re coping with our traumas and triggers relatively well, but is that actually the case, or is our brain playing tricks on us?

Tune in to this episode as Jessica Hurley, Founder of Instapodcasts, speaks with Dr. Philippe Douyon about dealing with post-traumatic stress disorders and the ways to rewire your brain’s neural network. Jessica and Dr. Douyon discuss (AUTHOR’S) book ‘Game of Life and How To Play It’ and how it has helped heal her triggers and traumas. She also shares personal stories from her past and highlights how your childhood experiences greatly affect your brain function and emotional triggers.

So listen in to this episode so that you can deal with the tricks and triggers that affect your brain’s function and learn how to survive your personal trauma with Dr. Douyon and Jessica today!


  • How we define and deal with our traumas differently
  • How to deal with triggers from post-traumatic stress disorders
  • Striving for an elevated state of awareness to manifest your highest self
  • Important steps of healing by dealing with the trauma and considering therapy sessions
  • Understanding the stress hormone ‘cortisol’ and how it affects your memory
  • The impact triggers have on your brain
  • How traumatic experiences create a lasting impact on your memories and neurons
  • Understanding Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy and Reiki energy healing
  • Neuroplasticity and its ability to make new neurons and connections
  • Helpful tools to combat your brain’s fearful thoughts, anxiety, and limiting beliefs
  • How people have the capacity to develop coping mechanisms for traumatic life events and effectively navigate their emotions


“From a brain perspective, trauma is anything that is going to trigger your fight-flight or freeze response, as a result of you feeling like you're being threatened in some way.” - Philippe Douyon

“The connection to our feelings in the brain is so important. But the most powerful part of all is taking charge of your brain. There is the distinction that it is not who we are.  We have to fight back [and] tell our brain what to do. We do have to lead our brain, and how this probably bleeds into everything. Money matters; relationships, connections, that where we are in life — has everything to do with our lack of control of our brain.” - Jessica Hurley

”First, you've got to survive your brain. And then, you got to take charge of your brain. That's when you start to thrive in life.” - Philippe Douyon


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Amazing! Dr. Douyon does an excellent job of helping you shift your mindset. After listening to Surviving Your Brain, I found myself being more conscientious of my thoughts; Dr. Douyon’s teachings have helped me to elevate my perspective and build a positive mindset. I find myself listening each morning (yes, listening to the week’s episode repeatedly and amazed that I learn something new with each replay). Surviving Your Brain is full of valuable information and insight can’t wait for the next episode.

Mrs. Singleton
Surviving Your Brain

Surviving your Brain podcast is nothing short of amazing and so inspiring! Listening to Dr. Douyon’s stories had inspired me to be the leader that my brain needs me to be. I have learned that I have the ability to change my life by simply changing the way that I think and utilizing Dr. Douyon’s proven strategies and taking his online course. This podcast is must listen/see! Can’t wait for her episodes to be released!

Just LonnieD
Surviving Your Brain

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