When Melody Meets The Mind with Anthony BryantSurviving Your Brain

When Melody Meets The Mind with Anthony Bryant

In this episode, we are joined by Charles Anthony Bryant, a worship leader at Park Avenue Christian Church, East 85th on Park Avenue.

As a musical visionary artist, Anthony is on a mission to evolve both as a musician, a leader, and a person. On top of being a vocalist and performer, Anthony has also explored his musical passions in composition and managing music programs in church. Bringing his symphony to spirituality, Anthony continues to let his voice be heard in other areas aside from the church, most recently with his latest recording titled Hymnody Volume I (2015).

Don't miss out on this episode, where Dr. Douyon and Anthony explore how music ignites the brain like nothing else!


  • Music is a powerful tool that helps your brain function
  • The impact songs have on your mood and how it releases dopamine
  • The importance of musical therapy for communities and brain function
  • How music can help patients with neurological disorders
  • The challenge of honing a talent into a skill
  • Understanding ‘mirror neurons’ and how it mimics the actions of another person
  • How our neurons produce the same frequency with people we surround ourselves with
  • How music can tap into our subconscious mind and soul


“Music is incredibly powerful. It impacts different pathways in the brain than the normal just speaking to us and going to language.” - Philippe Douyon

“I'm a skilled musician, but part of my calling within that skill is to take what I do and who I am and the feeling of church —  not just the sound of the church, but the feeling of that spirituality into secular spaces and make people feel that.” – Anthony Bryant


Charles Anthony Bryant


Listen to Anthony Bryant’s Hymnody, Vol. I album here! https://music.apple.com/us/album/hymnody-vol-i/1090380626


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Amazing! Dr. Douyon does an excellent job of helping you shift your mindset. After listening to Surviving Your Brain, I found myself being more conscientious of my thoughts; Dr. Douyon’s teachings have helped me to elevate my perspective and build a positive mindset. I find myself listening each morning (yes, listening to the week’s episode repeatedly and amazed that I learn something new with each replay). Surviving Your Brain is full of valuable information and insight can’t wait for the next episode.

Mrs. Singleton
Surviving Your Brain

Surviving your Brain podcast is nothing short of amazing and so inspiring! Listening to Dr. Douyon’s stories had inspired me to be the leader that my brain needs me to be. I have learned that I have the ability to change my life by simply changing the way that I think and utilizing Dr. Douyon’s proven strategies and taking his online course. This podcast is must listen/see! Can’t wait for her episodes to be released!

Just LonnieD
Surviving Your Brain

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