The Insidious Dangers of Loveless SexSurviving Your Brain

The Insidious Dangers of Loveless Sex

Pleasure can sometimes lead to pitfalls, and in this solo episode, Dr. Philippe Douyon shares that although casual sex may bring you bliss, the consequences may be more dire than you think.

Join Dr. Douyon as he talks about the various risks and benefits of engaging in sex. Dr. Douyon also dives into Marianne Williamson’s book, A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles, and discusses how we manufacture depression through loveless sex. Dr. Douyon also reveals the reason why some of us feel sexually unsatisfied in relationships, and educates us on the types of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

So, tune in with Dr. Douyon and learn all about the insidious dangers of loveless sex and how to engage in sex with more intention and fulfillment.


  • Casual sex and its impacts on your brain and life
  • Marianne Williamson’s A Return to Love - a book on self-manufactured depression
  • Understanding the risks, benefits, and consequences of sex
  • How sex releases dopamine hormones, and its relationship with addiction
  • Living in a society where over-sexualization is normalized
  • Vasopressin hormone and how it drives sexual craving
  • Oxytocin hormone and the bonding hormone it releases
  • Things to be mindful of if you engage in casual sex
  • Learning the types of STDs such as syphilis and herpes and their effects to the body
  • How bodies transfer energies through sex
  • The top three things to consider in sex: communication, testing, and therapy


“Casual sex is having sex with one of one or more partners that you're not committed to. It's about having sex with one or more partners that you are not in a romantic relationship with. And we know that this goes on in our society, and it's going to go on in our society forever.”  - Philippe Douyon

“If you're somebody who's had a lot of casual sex, there's no judgement, you can always change your life. Life for me is about evolution. You can always create the health, the relationships, and the life that you want for yourself.” - Philippe Douyon


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Surviving your Brain podcast is nothing short of amazing and so inspiring! Listening to Dr. Douyon’s stories had inspired me to be the leader that my brain needs me to be. I have learned that I have the ability to change my life by simply changing the way that I think and utilizing Dr. Douyon’s proven strategies and taking his online course. This podcast is must listen/see! Can’t wait for her episodes to be released!

Just LonnieD
Surviving Your Brain

Amazing! Dr. Douyon does an excellent job of helping you shift your mindset. After listening to Surviving Your Brain, I found myself being more conscientious of my thoughts; Dr. Douyon’s teachings have helped me to elevate my perspective and build a positive mindset. I find myself listening each morning (yes, listening to the week’s episode repeatedly and amazed that I learn something new with each replay). Surviving Your Brain is full of valuable information and insight can’t wait for the next episode.

Mrs. Singleton
Surviving Your Brain

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