Equity in Action: Breaking Down Systemic Barriers in Corporate Spaces with Sharhea Wade BoyceMultifaceted AF

Equity in Action: Breaking Down Systemic Barriers in Corporate Spaces with Sharhea Wade Boyce

In this episode, Multifaceted Mama Kae invites Sharhea Wade Boyce, the Vice President of Global Inclusion & Diversity. Their insightful conversation revolves around philanthropy and the world of politics. They also explore the symbiotic relationship between soft and hard skills, emphasizing the collective importance of one’s personal and professional development.

Embark on this journey as they discuss the influential role of having connections in catalyzing career and skills development. Further, they also explore dismantling systemic barriers within corporate spaces, emphasizing the instrumental roles of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), cultural programming, and intersectionality. Learn more as they give helpful tips for job hunters and insights on the transformative power of mentorship to lead you to the best-multifaceted version of yourself. Tune in.



  • Discovering philanthropy and some of its misconceptions
  • The importance of building soft and hard skills
  • How connections can leverage your career growth
  • The pivotal role of equity work in addressing systemic barriers
  • The importance of representation in the workplace, intersectionality, and equity
  • Importance of searching about the company background for job seekers
  • On navigating the corporate space, politics, and career paths
  • How self-reflection and a great set of advisors help in personal & professional growth



β€œThe mentorship piece is going to be as critical. It is critical for us to figure out our success.” – Sharhea Wade Boyce

β€œReal politics β€” it's in the corporations. It's in entrepreneurship circles. Trust me, there's politics everywhere. Sometimes, we just need to be able to have that emotional intelligence to kind of figure out and navigate that.” – Sharhea Wade Boyce



Sharhea Wade Boyce

LinkedIn | https://www.linkedin.com/in/sharhea-wade/‍



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