Using Emotional Intelligence To Empower Yourself & Others with Tieko NejonGuilty Privilege

Using Emotional Intelligence To Empower Yourself & Others with Tieko Nejon

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In today’s episode, your host Amber Cabral is joined by Tieko Nejon Wilson, an Emotional Intelligence (EI) Practitioner & Corporate Trainer to talk about all things EI and the privileges that it can grant you.

In this discussion you will find out what it means to truly be emotionally intelligent, the important role it plays in all your relationships, and how it can propel you toward success in both your professional and personal lives. Tieko also gives plenty of valuable insights on the privileges EI can provide, EI’s various composites, the importance of honing emotional-social skills, and ways to develop your EI.

It’s time to use your Emotional Intelligence to empower yourself and those around you - join in on the conversation with Tieko Nejon and Amber Cabral to find out how!


  • What is Emotional Intelligence (EI)?
  • The privileges EI can grant you
  • The importance of intention & presence in relationships
  • How EI leads you to success in your work and personal lives
  • The keys to building your EI
  • Does growth have to be an endless journey?
  • Managing connections & relationships as an energetically magnetic person
  • The one privilege Tieko refuses to be guilty about


“Emotions aren't actions. Emotions are signals that something's happening in me around me or to me — that needs action.” - Tieko Nejon

“I refuse to feel like I'm searching for my best self for the rest of my life – I rather find my truest self. - Tieko Nejon

“Emotional intelligence is taking a moment to evaluate and assess all of the emotions that could potentially be involved.” - Amber Cabral


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