Redefining Motherhood and Community with Farah BenoitMultifaceted AF

Redefining Motherhood and Community with Farah Benoit

In this episode, multifaceted mama Kae engages in a compelling discussion with Farah Benoit, the founder and CEO of Mom Noir.


Farah shares her multifaceted journey with us, balancing her role as a property manager, a full-time mom to teenage girls, and her passion for supporting mothers through doula services. She also discusses the origins of Mom Noir, a community dedicated to supporting mothers, and her mission to provide a voice for the voiceless in motherhood.


Both delve into the essence of being multifaceted, the power of community, representation, and overcoming imposter syndrome. Farah highlights the daily practice of discussing highs and lows with her daughter, promoting emotional well-being, and creating space for letting go of things beyond one's control. Through journaling, she is learning to redefine herself, find her own passions, and stay connected to her inner voice and positivity.


So tune in and join Kae and Farah in this inspiring conversation today!



- The birth of Mom Noir and its mission to support mothers

- The power of community and positive representation in motherhood

- Overcoming imposter syndrome and self-doubt

- The importance of journaling and self-reflections as tools for personal growth

- Empowering women in every stage of their motherhood

- The significance of being multifaceted and becoming a catalyst to the community

- Teaching the next generation the tools for success and growth



β€œWe all are multifaceted. You may not have as many things going on, but we all operate in different areas [or] environments. And it is important to be able to be authentic when you're existing in different spaces.” – Farah Benoit

β€œI actually want happiness. I want to walk into a room where whoever is in the room can be happy and feel that radiance. I want to find me again β€” I want that power within where not only am I making change for myself, but also making change for my community.” – Farah Benoit



Farah Benoit

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