Doing Your Homework: How To Heal with Jessica HurleyTriggered AF Podcast

Doing Your Homework: How To Heal with Jessica Hurley

Today’s special guest has been on the ground floor with your Triggered ladies since the beginning! Managing and producing this podcast, along with her own and so many others, Jessica Hurley is not only responsible for a large part of Triggered AF’s growth but is also widely known for her vulnerability and raw honesty when it comes to just how hard healing and the journey can be.

Because let’s be real…healing sucks. There is no one size fits all approach, and it certainly isn’t linear. Believing that we all need to hear and see that more, tune in as these three powerhouse women speak to the pain of breaking patterns, what healing work really looks like, and what their pain has taught them the most.

As they all know too well, “you are only as healed as your next trigger.”


  • Healing is not a one size fits all process!
  • The catalyst that brought Jessica to her path of healing
  • Why breaking patterns can feel like dying 1000 deaths
  • Do you like the person you are becoming?
  • What is EMDR therapy? And other effective healing modalities?
  • Mastering your shadows and investing in yourself


“The real work begins when you are isolated for a little while and you don't like who you're becoming. And you realize everything that you are allowing in your life, the people you're allowing in your life, are all rooted in your trauma. It's all a reflection. The mirror you're creating is just more trash.”

“Pain is not a sign that something is wrong with you or that you are broken. Pain is an opportunity. It's an invitation for you to be like okay, something in my mind doesn't feel right; how can I address that.”

“People always say ‘feel the feelings.’ But what they really mean is process the feelings. And in order for you to process the feelings, you have to allow them to live their lifecycle.”


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This show is such a great listen for young and mature women to let you know you 1) no you’re not crazy 2) you’re no alone 3) your feelings matter. Thank you Alechia & Dani for your real and raw conversations. This should be a TV show!

Triggered AF Podcast

These ladies talk about real, relatable content. Specifically the Villainous Victims episode. And it’s true…we are all villains in someone else’s story, which can be tough to admit. But necessary to understand.

Triggered AF Podcast

I absolutely love this show. The topics are very thought provoking and inspiring. After each episode I walked away with a deep question to self-examine and make an effort to do the work. Keep shining ladies. I am so proud 😌👑❤️

Triggered AF Podcast

Two beautiful and uber intelligent young women discussing various topics that are extremely relevant for today? I’m in!!! I was not disappointed and I’m sure you won’t be either.

Teddy the Boss
Triggered AF Podcast
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