How to Build Your Legacy and Manage Your AssetsTriggered AF Podcast

How to Build Your Legacy and Manage Your Assets

Money and Legacy: Planning for the Final Chapter

Over 70% of African Americans don’t have an estate plan. Over the next 25 years the largest wealth transfer will occur in American history, but the majority of Black people aren’t going to participate in that because we don’t have estate plans. You can keep complaining about what’s happening to you or learn how to build legacies for yourself and your families. Edges were laid and wigs were snatched speaking with Attorney India Ali, Esq. and Ashley M. Fox of Empify, they gave actionable steps that you can use today to begin preserving and structuring the legacy for your family. Whether you're rich or working on it, this episode is for you!

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Quote of the Week:

“Might fuck around and find out how worthy I am in this lifetime.” – Lauren Eliz Love

Dating Well AF Tip

"The longer you entertain what's not for you, the longer you postpone what is."

Dating potential and not honoring what you truly want and the type lifestyle you desire will only ensure you never get it.


Legacy is started and created while you’re living.

We hyperfocus on death, but when it comes to legacy planning, focus on putting a structure around the legacy you’re living now.

You plan trips, marriages, and vacations. Be willing to also structure your end of life plans.

People die, assets don’t!

Wanting your children or family to “get it out the mud” comes from a place of anger, not love.

Set your child up so they have the tools and resources to lead the life they want to lead versus the one they have to lead.

The person in the mirror is who changes your life.


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I appreciate the rawness and transparency. Your authenticity is much needed and appreciated. It’s good to acknowledge our triggers and talk them through. Absolutely love it!!!

Triggered AF Podcast

These ladies talk about real, relatable content. Specifically the Villainous Victims episode. And it’s true…we are all villains in someone else’s story, which can be tough to admit. But necessary to understand.

Triggered AF Podcast

Just wow! I’ve listened to every episode and each one has helped me in some way. I’m really clear on what it is I want and what it is I need now.

FL-NY Traveler
Triggered AF Podcast

Even from a man’s viewpoint, this show was indeed very insightful and thought provoking.

Complex Graphics
Triggered AF Podcast
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