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Body Liberation

Chrissy King spent nearly a decade of her life yo-yo dieting and being consumed by her weight, equating her worth with her appearance. But when Chrissy finally reached her smallest size and strongest body, she was the most miserable she had ever been as an adult. And with this, The Body Liberation Project was born.

Taking back control of the narrative around our bodies, tune in as Chrissy and your Triggered hosts share their experiences with body image, self-worth, and how you can become so liberated in your body that it becomes a force for good.


  • How the Eurocentric standard of beauty has affected the way we see ourselves
  • The rise of diet culture and the quick-fix mentality
  • Why we need to be mindful and curate our social media following
  • Steps to repair our sense of self-worth
  • What inspired The Body Liberation movement?
  • Is size a real metric of health?


“Body image is not a one-time situation. It's something that is a lifelong journey, especially because we're going to keep getting these messages that tell us something is wrong with us.” -Chrissy King

“If we are deriving our worthiness simply on how we look, it's impossible to feel worthy because this physical vessel is just the thing that's allowing us to have a human experience. And this vessel is going to change, regardless if we want it to or not.” -Chrissy King


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I absolutely love this show. The topics are very thought provoking and inspiring. After each episode I walked away with a deep question to self-examine and make an effort to do the work. Keep shining ladies. I am so proud 😌👑❤️

Triggered AF Podcast

Even from a man’s viewpoint, this show was indeed very insightful and thought provoking.

Complex Graphics
Triggered AF Podcast

These ladies talk about real, relatable content. Specifically the Villainous Victims episode. And it’s true…we are all villains in someone else’s story, which can be tough to admit. But necessary to understand.

Triggered AF Podcast

I appreciate the rawness and transparency. Your authenticity is much needed and appreciated. It’s good to acknowledge our triggers and talk them through. Absolutely love it!!!

Triggered AF Podcast
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