Black Women Ivory Tower: Revealing the Lies of White Supremacy in American Education with Dr. Jasmine L. HarrisIn The Margins

Black Women Ivory Tower: Revealing the Lies of White Supremacy in American Education with Dr. Jasmine L. Harris

In this episode, Diverse host David Pluviose engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Dr. Jasmine L. Harris, author of Black Women Ivory Tower: Revealing the Lies of White Supremacy in American Education.

Harris is an associate professor of African American Studies and coordinator of the African American Studies Program in the Department of Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at The University of Texas at San Antonio.

Tune in as Pluviose and Harris discuss the often perilous intersection of race and gender in higher education and the imperative of raising awareness regarding racism and dehumanization within academia — as underscored by reflections on the resignation of Harvard University’s first Black president.


  • Harris’ journey through higher education as a Black female
  • On having perseverance in academia despite lacking knowledge and cultural barriers
  • Anti-DEI efforts in Texas and their impact on higher education
  • Black Women in Ivory Tower book, illuminating the intersection of race and gender in higher education
  • The importance of raising awareness of racism and dehumanization in academia
  • The anti-Blackness in higher education: Harvard University's removal of first Black president


“One big takeaway is that, especially for Black women, the process is about perseverance. It's not measuring any intellect. It is about the ability to jump through hoops, commit to the sort of particular culture and structure of doctoral programs, and the socialization that they do to turn you into a professor in many ways.” — Dr. Jasmine L. Harris

“The timing for this book is great — and it certainly is. But it's a little sad in that way. We're in 2024; we just watched anti-Blackness remove the first Black president at Harvard University.” — Dr. Jasmine L. Harris


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Such a great approach on the different perspectives surrounding diversity and how it affects all communities! Enjoying each episode!

In The Margins

This is an amazing podcast. I am glad you are stepping up and talking about a sensitive topic that is not talked about enough. Thank you for sharing this information. It effects students in higher education and the effects carry over into the workforce when the students graduate. Some students are tainted because there was not enough taught on diversity and the students perspective are skewed.

Precious Rutlin
In The Margins

I like that the episodes aren’t too long but are still very informative

GMU 2009
In The Margins

What an amazing podcast! I’ve received so much value from these conversations and experiences. This podcast is shedding light on some very important topics, especially in todays climate. I have been loving every moment! Diverse In The Margins is most definitely worth the listen!

Hannah Momtana
In The Margins

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