Beating The Odds: Artistry and Impact Across Industries with Rapper Dutch ReBelleMultifaceted AF

Beating The Odds: Artistry and Impact Across Industries with Rapper Dutch ReBelle

In this episode, join Multifaceted Mama Kae as she welcomes a special guest, Dutch ReBelle, also known as Vanda Bernadeau. Dutch shares the captivating story of her journey, from her life background to her deep passion for rapping.

Kae, on the other hand, reflects on her own college experience and the realization that sometimes, the traditional path may not align with one's true passions. Both of them emphasize the vital importance of aligning one's passions with their career choices, highlighting the profound impact it can have on your own fulfillment and success. Together, they discuss the importance of taking chances and finding your true calling, even if it means taking risks and trying again.

So don’t miss out on this episode and tune in to this conversation between Kae & Dutch as they reflect on their passion, creative pursuits, and advocacies that will surely embrace your multifacetedness today!


- On discovering Dutch’s life background and passion for rapping

- The importance of aligning one's passions and career choices

- Embracing a multifaceted approach to life and professional endeavors

- The role of creativity, resilience, and purpose to drive success across various industries

- Dutch’s dedication to advocating to create positive change in her community

- How following one's intuition and passions can lead to a fulfilling and impactful career

- The power of being a multifaceted individual in today's dynamic world


“Multifaceted is really the ability to not be boxed in; [and] to not allow yourself to be boxed in [or] limited. I think that everybody has a certain level of multifacetedness to them — hidden talents, hidden gems, hidden interests that they've never worked on.” – Dutch ReBelle

“For me, being multifaceted is wearing different hats. I think what's important to remember is that you're human first, you're a person first.” – Kae Ricketts


Dutch ReBelle

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