Resilience in Rhinestones: How to Build a Million Dollar Business with Dr. Traci Lynn7-Figure Educator

Resilience in Rhinestones: How to Build a Million Dollar Business with Dr. Traci Lynn

Welcome to the 7-Figure Educator Podcast!

Join me as we explore the remarkable path of our guest, Dr. Traci Lynn, Founder of Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry and Icon Circle.

In today’s conversation, you’re going to discover the profound influence of direct selling and unwavering self-belief in crafting a million-dollar enterprise as we explore the art of navigating setbacks, setting priorities, and adapting within the dynamic landscape of the jewelry industry. You’ll also gain valuable insights into achieving success amid challenges and uncover effective strategies for managing wealth and attaining growth despite obstacles.

Get ready to be truly inspired by our enriching discussion on entrepreneurship, resilience, and the value of community in business success with Dr. Traci Lynn today.


  • Dr. Traci Lynn’s entrepreneurship journey and leadership impact
  • How direct selling and belief in oneself can build a million-dollar business
  • Dealing with setbacks, priorities, and pivoting in the jewelry industry
  • Success happens when you're in the company of financially accomplished individuals.
  • Managing wealth, finding success and growth despite challenges
  • Building a successful business through community and relationships
  • The importance of treating clients with unique experiences and gratitude to build loyalty


“By the time I was 25, I hit a million. And I didn't know if jewelry was going to be the thing. But I watched my grandmother as a young four-year-old [who] traveled with her while she sold accessories and jewelry. I believed that I was going to be a millionaire.” – Dr. Traci Lynn

“It's important who you're talking to. It's important the environment you put yourself into, it's important to know that everybody with you ain't for you.” – Dr. Traci Lynn

“I think there's like the strategy of community when you're thinking about those who work in your company. I also think a lot of what you share can also apply to the value and how you treat clients.” — Dr. Erica Jordan-Thomas


Dr. Traci Lynn

IG | @dr.tracilynn

Facebook | @Dr.TraciLynnFanpage

LinkedIn | @traci-lynn-jewelry

Dr. Erica Jordan-Thomas

IG | @e_jordanthomas

LinkedIn | @erica-jordan-thomas-ed-l-d-86314764

Facebook | @EJTConsultingLLC

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Living a life of ease is my new motto! Loved this candid interview with Erinn Cottman. It’s so important that we share the $ figures and let each other know how we’re doing! Took some invaluable nuggets from this. Thank you!

7-Figure Educator

I’m so excited Dr Erica has created this show for educators. Thank you!

Johnicia Miller
7-Figure Educator

Great episode talking about not only education but how to take a leap of faith. “Believing how much you can make is a great mindset shift.” -Erinn

Leap like you know the net is there.

Naked w/ Mimosas
7-Figure Educator

Listened to my first episode today, Chalkboards to Checkbooks and loved it! Great information that is so helpful! My career is not in education but the tips in here can be applied to anyone and are fundamental to meeting your goals or in some cases like Erinn’s - recalibrating them to be in line with your worth and what you can really achieve!

7-Figure Educator
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