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Thriving in Leadership: Insights from the Career Thrivers Podcast

Megan Galane
May 15, 2024
Thriving in Leadership: Insights from the Career Thrivers Podcast

Welcome to our blog, where we delve into the world of leadership, entrepreneurship, and personal growth. Today, we’re sharing insights from a recent episode of the Career Thrivers Podcast, hosted by Brittany and Cole. Let’s dive in!

Embracing Authenticity and Ambition

Brittany and Cole kick off the podcast by welcoming all the “thrivers” to the arena where authenticity meets ambition. This is a space where your career path is championed, your leadership journey is supported, and you’re encouraged to speak up, even when your voice shakes.

The podcast aims to inspire, challenge, and transform your thinking through conversations with incredible leaders. Whether you’re making strides in the corporate boardroom or breaking ground on your own ventures, this platform is for you.

The Entrepreneurship Mirror

One of the key insights shared is the idea of entrepreneurship as a mirror. It shows you who you truly are, in a way that you can’t hide from when you’re working in an organization. It challenges you to interrogate what you believe and stand up to the challenge.

The Growth Mindset

When asked about the mindset required to start, grow, and scale a business, the answer was clear: a growth mindset. You need to strengthen your mind daily, especially in a world where social media can make you second guess yourself. You need to be open to new ideas, be a constant learner, and know what works for your business.

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome is a common issue many leaders face. The advice given is to remember that you’ve earned the right to be in your position. People only invest in you when they wholeheartedly believe that you can deliver. If you don’t have that confidence in yourself, hold onto their confidence until yours catches up.

The Power of Giving

The podcast also touched on the power of giving and receiving. Research shows that people who give and receive regularly have a longer life, lower blood pressure, sleep better, and are more attractive to the opposite sex. They also tend to have higher self-esteem and be happier.

Overcoming Burnout

Organizations can help individual contributors overcome burnout by implementing programs specifically for women, like the “Leading Up” program at Novartis. This program focuses on preparing women who desire to elevate to higher levels of leadership through coaching, assessments, and mentorship.


The Career Thrivers Podcast offers a wealth of insights for anyone on a leadership journey. Remember to ask yourself, “Who am I?” and “Why?” until you feel compelled to move. Use your time wisely to maximize your presence, power, and impact. And always remember, you’re here to thrive!

Stay tuned for more insights from the world of leadership and personal growth. Until next time, keep thriving!

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