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The Journey of Dr. Pamela Seda: From Classroom to Consultancy

Megan Galane
April 29, 2024
The Journey of Dr. Pamela Seda: From Classroom to Consultancy

In the world of education, few stories resonate as deeply as those of educators who have not only transformed their own practices but have also empowered others to do the same. Dr. Pamela Seda’s journey, as captured in the seven-figure educator podcast hosted by Dr. Erica Jordan Thomas, is one such narrative that deserves to be shared and celebrated.

The Genesis of a Framework

Dr. Pamela Seda’s story begins in the classroom, where she quickly realized that traditional teaching methods were not serving all her students effectively. This realization sparked a quest for better strategies, leading her to develop the ICU care framework. This framework, which stands for Include, Critically conscious, Understand your students, Culturally relevant curricula, Assess, Activate, Build on prior knowledge, Release control, and Expect more, became the cornerstone of her approach to teaching mathematics.

From Educator to Entrepreneur

The transition from educator to entrepreneur is a leap that many may find daunting, but Dr. Pamela Seda embraced it with open arms. After her position as a math supervisor was abolished, she saw an opportunity to spread her impact further by starting an education consulting business. Her journey was not without its challenges, but her determination and expertise led her to success.

The Power of Community and Mentorship

Recognizing the importance of community and mentorship, Dr. Pamela Seda joined a mastermind group, which played a pivotal role in her entrepreneurial journey. The community provided her with the support and knowledge she needed to navigate the business world, a stark contrast to her 35 years in education.

Strategic Growth and Mindset Shifts

Dr. Pam’ela Sedas growth as an entrepreneur is marked by strategic decisions and significant mindset shifts. She learned to leverage speaking engagements to promote her book and other educational products, and she embraced the idea that selling is serving. Moreover, she realized the importance of valuing her work appropriately, leading her to adjust her pricing to reflect the quality and impact of her services.

Spreading Impact Through Innovation

Innovation has been a constant in Dr. Pamela Seda’s journey. She created an online course to complement her ICU care framework, allowing educators everywhere to benefit from her insights. This course is a testament to her commitment to making quality education accessible and her understanding of the scalability of her expertise.

A Pillar in Math Education

Today, Dr. Pamela Seda is a leading voice in math education, particularly in how we educate black and brown children in a subject that can often feel intimidating. Her footprint in the field is undeniable, and her work continues to inspire educators and entrepreneurs alike.

Looking Ahead

As Dr. Pamela Seda’s journey unfolds, she stands as a beacon of lifelong learning, resilience, and the willingness to embrace new challenges. Her story is not just about personal success but about making a significant impact in the field of education through her expertise and innovative business strategies.

For those interested in learning more about Dr. Pamela Seda’s work and services, she invites you to visit her website and join her in the mission to transform math education for all students.

Dr. Pamela Seda’s narrative is a powerful reminder that the journey of an educator does not end at the classroom door. It can extend into the realms of entrepreneurship, community building, and far-reaching impact. Her story encourages us to consider how we, too, can take our passions and expertise beyond traditional boundaries to serve others in new and meaningful ways.

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