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Building Your Wealth Support Team: Beyond the Boardroom

Megan Galane
May 1, 2024
Building Your Wealth Support Team: Beyond the Boardroom

Welcome to “Wealth Within Reach,” where we explore the journey of wealth creation with a twist—it’s not just about the money; it’s about the people who make the journey worthwhile. Today, we’re delving into the essence of a true support team.

The Misconception of Support:

When we talk about a support team, it’s easy to conjure images of financial advisors, real estate agents, and property managers. But there’s more to it. A support team is about the cheerleaders, the truth-tellers, the mentors, and the advocates in your life.

The Realization of Loneliness:

My awakening came after years of investing in real estate. I had all the professional players in place, yet I found myself on an island of loneliness. It was then I realized the need for a support team that understood me—not just my business.

The Search for Community:

I took the leap and joined an online community, paying to find friends who shared my ambitions. It felt odd to pay for friendship, but what I found was invaluable—a network of women who were breadwinners, seven-figure business owners, and real estate investors like me.

The Ingredients of a Support Team:

  • Cheerleaders: Those who share your excitement and push you further.
  • Truth-Tellers: Honest friends who keep you grounded and call you out.
  • Advice Givers: Problem-solvers who help you navigate challenges.
  • Advocates: Champions who speak your name in rooms you haven’t entered.

Expanding Your Circle:

I learned to stretch beyond my comfort zone, attending masterminds and conferences, which led to organic connections. One such connection blossomed into a close friendship, proving that putting yourself out there can lead to lifelong bonds.

Overcoming Fear and Embracing Vulnerability:

It’s about being curious, asking questions, and sharing your story. Vulnerability and empathy are the keys to building authentic relationships. I strive to be myself in every room, knowing that God is with me, and that has opened doors to deep, meaningful connections.

Addressing the Fear of Competition:

One myth that holds many back is the fear of sharing ideas due to competition. I’ve learned that at the top, there’s more collaboration than competition. What’s meant for you will find its way to you.

Being the Support You Seek:

Are you a cheerleader, a truth-teller, an advice giver, or an advocate for others? To attract these people into your life, you must first embody these roles yourself.


As we wrap up, remember to surround yourself with people who are where you aspire to be. Attend events, join communities, and engage in activities that align with your interests. Your support team is out there, waiting to join you on your journey to wealth and beyond.

Reflect on the roles of the support team and identify which one you are and which one you need. Then, take a step towards finding your community. Join us at the upcoming “Only Living It” experience to meet like-minded individuals and build your real support team.

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