How This Power Couple Overcame Limits in Real Estate & Life with JJ & AngelaWealth Within Reach

How This Power Couple Overcame Limits in Real Estate & Life with JJ & Angela

Welcome back to another episode of Wealth Within Reach!

Today, we explore real estate investing through the experiences of power couple Joshua Joseph “J.J.” and Angela Joseph. They manage Camp Wingmann (an event and conference center) and serve as co-managers of Wingmann Weddings & Events.

As they started their real estate journey with me, they share their experiences, challenges, and triumphs in investing and building business as partners in marriage. From mentorship to pursuing dreams, we discuss how overcoming limiting beliefs is key to achieving success in real estate and life. Our conversation also sheds light on the transformative power of embracing a supportive community, offering valuable insights to anyone embarking on a similar journey.

Tune in this episode with us and uncover valuable insights that will help you shape not just your financial success, but also your personal growth and fulfillment.


  • Real estate investing and risk-taking among couples
  • The importance of investing in real estate with a mentor
  • The pivotal role of pursuing dreams, aspirations, and vision
  • Self-reflection: On dealing with self-doubt and resistance to seeking help
  • On overcoming limiting beliefs in real estate and life
  • The impact of the mentorship program and having a supportive community


“This transformation journey [of] working through overcoming those limiting beliefs and those lies — has helped not only real estate but just so many different areas in life.” — Erika Brown

“One spouse or one person can have that vision and the other person just can't see it. But the biggest thing is not allowing your spouse's lack of vision to stop you from pursuing that dream.”  — Erika Brown


Angela Joseph & Joshua Joseph

Websites | Camp Wingmann

Wingmann Weddings and Events


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Erika Brown

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Perfect for anyone who wants to go beyond the Status Quo and achieve generational wealth for their family. The stories are relatable and makes me feel like if they can do it, so can I !

DJ Reel Chill
Wealth Within Reach

I love that Erika has taken a topic so many have felt is beyond their reach and made it easy and actionable. She has such an infectious way of engaging with those around her. I can’t wait to hear more episodes!

Wealth Within Reach
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