Why We Choose The Pain of the Situation Over The Pain of Change
Deeply Connected

Why We Choose The Pain of the Situation Over The Pain of Change

If you are constantly finding yourself repeating the same toxic patterns in your dating life, this episode is for you, because believe it or not, avoiding the pain of change will only cause you more heartbreak.

In this episode, Ludmila explains how our brain’s neural connections influence the way we behave and the things we avoid, such as change. However, you will soon learn how to not only surrender yourself to the pain of change but also embrace it as part of your growth and who you are. It’s time to start working on your emotional turmoil (aka survival responses) into proactive strategies to deeply connect with yourself!

So, tune into this episode, and reflect on how to lead with courage as you step into your higher self and chase your heart’s desires with Ludmila today!


  • The emotional sufferings of dating unavailable men
  • Seeking love in the wrong places = abandoning yourself
  • Be courageous to face the pain of change
  • How to avoid your toxic repetitive patterns
  • Relearn how to interact with yourself & your dream partner!
  • Learn to embrace uncertainty
  • Work on your habits and survival responses


“Your primitive brain will give you all the reasons why just repeating the pain of today is better than repeating — and not repeating — but engaging in the pain of change.”

“Every time you keep choosing yourself and the next version of your desire – in love, in life, in business, and whatever that is, the more you can connect to that [and] the more you know what you are fighting for.”

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Ludmila has been my coach for over 2 years and has changed the way I receive and accept any and everything from friends and potential partners. She’s helped me heal, grow, and connect deeply with my own needs and stop showing up through a lens that only creates an unnecessary pattern. She’s changed my life and I am so happy y’all are finally getting her on the podcast!!!

Deeply Connected

I’m so happy that you are diving in hyper independence and slowing down. Some women are even since you to operate on a flight mode and they don’t know any better cause that’s their norm. I’m glad your describing episodes that we don’t have to work that way that it’s not healthy to work that way.

Thank you so much! the title of your July 3, 2023 episode Uber hyper independence!

Deeply Connected

This podcast is amazing! The guest add so much value and the solo episodes are so so amazing! I have been so curious about attachment styles and episode 5 Ludmilla really breaks that down learned so much. She really brings awareness and gives amazing tips to help you become a better girlfriend/ wife and in friendships. This podcast is top tier. Treat yourself and give yourself space to listen. This will help you connect to your feminine side.

Deeply Connected

I can listen to Ludmilla for hours and hours. There’s always something eye opening in each episode. Each time I listen to the connected podcast my defense mechanisms go down because Ludmila helps us understand ourselves better! She helps us feel a deeper connection to ourselves. I promise you’ll only grow and feel better from listening to this podcast! Thank you for your work and for this podcast!

Deeply Connected
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