Best of Attachment Styles, Emotional Regulation, & Hyper IndependanceDeeply Connected

Best of Attachment Styles, Emotional Regulation, & Hyper Independance

Welcome to another clash of episodes of Deeply Connected that dives deep into the roller-coaster ride of  attachment, emotion, and independence. We're diving headfirst into those "aha" moments—those times when life throws curveballs that completely shake things up. It's about facing the music and realizing that transformation often crashes into our lives unexpectedly! Relationships, personal growth, and all that good stuff—we're covering it all! From the struggle of trusting love to nailing down those crucial boundaries and a mission to empower us to break free from self-imposed limits. Consider it the ultimate soul pep talk!

This episode is an invitation to turn inward. Yep, get ready for some self-reflection! We're delving into examining our life choices, patterns, and those sneaky power dynamics that creep into our daily interactions. It's all about celebrating the strength in leaning on one another, fostering support, and challenging the idea that we've got to navigate everything solo. Let's call it the "de-glorification" of the never-ending hustle! So, grab those headphones and get ready for a ride that'll have you questioning, contemplating, and maybe even redefining what you thought you knew about life. It's time for some serious soul-searching!


-Your life changes when present pain becomes unbearable, prompting tough decisions

-Transform for fulfillment by consciously breaking patterns within yourself

-Identify and address boundary issues for a healthier relationship

-Question the relationship if expressing yourself faces dismissal or threats

-Proving yourself independently may hinder personal and relational fulfillment

-Celebrate valuing support and connection over going it alone


"If you want that man and that love in your life, you literally have to decide." -Ludmila Woodruff

"Uncertainty is just part of life" -Ludmila Woodruff

"When you master with time the boundary setting skill, you will have so much freedom in your life, just so much freedom in being authentically you." -Ludmila Woodruff

"I want to celebrate women who are now deciding to claim that they are worthy of saying no, that we don't have to do it alone, that we can be supported and rely on men in our life, even on our friends." -Ludmila Woodruff

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Where do I even begin? Ludmilla and I paths initially crossed for me to learn how to stop being a people pleaser, set boundaries and learn to graciously receive. Little did I know what a profound impact she would have on my life. We have now been working together for over 6 months on healing my past traumas, discovering my triggers, regulating my nervous system, learning healthy conflict, learning how to communicate my wants & feelings with my husband without exploding or avoidant tendencies and so so much more. My relationships with family and friends have all improved. Ludmilla is such a breath of fresh air and wealth of knowledge. I genuinely look forward to our weekly meetings and discover more about myself each time. She has broken down walls I didn’t even realize were built and is helping me become the wife, mother, friend and business owner that I have always envisioned. Her podcast is a gift to us all 💖

Princess Mugzy
Deeply Connected

Ludmila just has a natural way of speaking to the soul! I’m always so baffled by how much I resonate with what she talks about. Would definitely recommend!!

Deeply Connected

I’ve had the pleasure of being present in zooms with Ludmila and she has a vast knowledge on how to really dig deep into whatever issue you’re having. This podcast is a great extension to be able to get to know her better and have her share her knowledge. All episodes are a must to listen to! She is an amazing individual!

Deeply Connected

Ludmila has taught me SOOOOOO much about being a high performing woman! She’s helped me get in tune with my feminine side & learn to trust myself! ❤️🥹 You have to listen!!!!

Deeply Connected
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