Best of Dating & Relationships for High-Achieving WomenDeeply Connected

Best of Dating & Relationships for High-Achieving Women

If you’re a high-achieving woman and struggling to balance dating and career grind, stay on this ‘cause this episode is for you.

In this another “Best Of…” episode, Ludmila takes us back to some of the most profound episodes that tackles head-on the monster that is dating and relationships for career-driven women.

This is an episode where Ludmila challenges that old belief that time alone fixes everything in a relationship. Nope, it's all about open communication and real understanding. Time to drop those barriers and talk it out!

She also dives into the unspoken expectations—oh, they're like silent relationship ninjas! Clear communication is the secret weapon against these sneaky critters and stress management as our sidekick in this battle to keep the connection alive and kicking.

Ludmila is not just talking about regular counseling here. This compilation of episodes delve deep into self-awareness and having healthier connections through the power of personal growth. Yup! It's like feeding the relationship garden from within! Self-care isn't selfish—it's the ultimate relationship booster! Be real, and break those old-fashioned emotional stereotypes.

So, buckle up for an episode that's all about making intentional efforts to nurture those connections and get ready for introspection, honest talks, and building those meaningful relationships—both with ourselves and our partners. This episode's the roadmap to relationship bliss!


-Tackle relationship stress early to avoid future complications

-Invest in your relationship regularly, not just when issues escalate

-Grow, embrace feedback, and seek professional insights for personal development

-Learned relationship patterns for personal and relational growth

-Embrace silence for personal growth and balanced relationships, avoiding chaos

-Encourage choosing your best self for better relationships and a fulfilling life


"The health of your relationship is not really measured by the time spent together." -Ludmila Woodruff

"Being together doesn't mean you are working together, growing together, and deeply connecting with each other." -Ludmila Woodruff

"We can have a great relationship even if we don't agree on everything in the same way" -Ludmila Woodruff

"You can be only so deeply connected to another person as you allow yourself and practice yourself to be connected to your own heart and your own soul." -Ludmila Woodruff

"Stop looking to him for everything that is wrong and start looking for everything that is already working." -Ludmila Woodruff

"That's why the intentional change is demanding of us to really step up and choose ourselves." -Ludmila Woodruff

"We need some help to get another perspective on the situation in order to to not unintentionally hurt the other person." -Douglas Woodruff


S2 EP4: How Stress Kills Your Relationships

S2 EP8: How to Balance Feminine and Masculine Energies in All Our Relationships

S2 EP11: Damaging Behaviors You Need to Avoid In Your Relationship

S2 EP13: Why Relationships Fail

S2 EP14: How to Keep Your Man Emotionally Attracted to You

S2 EP16: Pod Feature: Rewrite Your  Dating Patterns as a High-Achieving Woman with Rich In Real Life Podcast


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Words can’t fully describe the transformation Ludmila brought into my life. She created space for me, helped me gain perspective and areas of healing I still needed. I wish I had Ludmila as a coach in my early 20s. I’m more centered, in tune with what’s important to me, I learned how to set boundaries and now the ripple effect of all of this is positive impact on self, my marriage, my kiddos and relationships in my life. You won’t regret this investment in you! Do the hard work, see that there is another way, lean in to true deep growth that’s beyond just your mindset! ❤️

Deeply Connected

As a mental health professional, attachment theory is not a new concept for me. Ludmila’s approach to outlining how attachment impacts our view of self and relationships was thoughtfully articulated. Her ability to connect with the listener and share valuable insights demonstrates her strong skillset as a coach and mentor.

Erika Swanson
Deeply Connected

I love Ludmila’s podcast! These episodes are inspiring and continue to guide me after my sessions with her. Thank you for bringing us even more value and inspiration to create the life we truly want.

Deeply Connected

Amazing Coach & Podcast!!! 💕 Everyone Needs A Ludmila In Their Lives.

Deeply Connected
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