Healthy Tension in Successful Leadership with Kelley & LizWomen Consulting Corporate

Healthy Tension in Successful Leadership with Kelley & Liz

Too often we glamorize relationships, with conversations abound about finding partners, strong leaders, and blending visions. But let’s get real - mixing strong personalities will always lead to some conflict. So in this episode, Liz and her Director of Operations, Kelley Watson, discuss the reality of building a team and embracing the healthy tensions that come with it.

Tune in for a behind-the-scenes look at how Liz and Kelley navigate healthy tension and why they believe it is those diverse perspectives that give their business the innovation and success it is seeing today.


  • How Kelley and Liz connected
  • What happened when Liz and Kelley got landlocked?
  • Why conflict is the secret sauce to Stimulyst’s success
  • “You are here to challenge me.”
  • The importance of building a starting line-up
  • Getting comfortable with hiring and firing


“If you want a yes person, you'll do fine. But if you actually want a strong right-hand leader, that means there are two strong personalities. Which means you are not going to see eye to eye. And to me, I think that has been the secret sauce for why our business has taken off.” - Liz J. Simpson


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I have been following Liz’s journey for the past couple of years and was so excited for her to launch her podcast. Liz does not hold back at all! Each episode is packed with so much encouragement and gems to take your business to the next level. I look forward to each episode!

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