Bringing Back the Human Element to Big Business with Amazon Buyer Paul AdamsonWomen Consulting Corporate

Bringing Back the Human Element to Big Business with Amazon Buyer Paul Adamson

Why are so many small companies and entrepreneurs afraid to do business with large corporations? Is it fear of the unknown, not knowing where to start, or simply the stigma of working with big business, especially as a person of color?

Shedding light on this issue and speaking to the importance of supplier diversity and equity, in this episode, Liz welcomes entrepreneur and co-president of Amazon’s global Black employee network group, Paul Adamson.

Tune in as they discuss how to stand out to large corporations, why you should “lead with the problem,” and much more in this special behind-the-scenes take on what organizations look for when considering supplier diversity and how you can best position yourself for those opportunities.


  • Why supplier diversity is important- Looking at diversity across the spectrum
  • How to position yourself and develop relationships with large corporations
  • What is an affinity group?
  • Bringing back the human element in business
  • They are looking for you! Stop being scared, and go for it!


“When you think about connecting to people, you need to have demographics that will be able to subscribe to the people that you're trying to sell to. So if we're trying to sell our platform as a way that we can reach more customers, we need to have people from all age groups, demographics, backgrounds, and all walks of life.” - Paul Adamson

“I think a lot of us, especially during the pandemic, forget that you got to be real. And if you’re real and you make genuine connections, you'll make money. The money will come find you.” - Paul Adamson


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I have been following Liz’s journey for the past couple of years and was so excited for her to launch her podcast. Liz does not hold back at all! Each episode is packed with so much encouragement and gems to take your business to the next level. I look forward to each episode!

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