What It’s Like to Struggle With Body Dysmorphia - My StoryUncomplicating Weight Loss & Life

What It’s Like to Struggle With Body Dysmorphia - My Story

From Instagram filters to photoshop apps, we live in a day and age where you can easily portray yourself in any way you want. And while all this technology at our fingertips can be fun, can it also be damaging? What happens when you look in the mirror and start seeing “flaws” that aren’t there? Or when there becomes a clear dissociation between how you really look and how you think you look?

In this episode, Eva shares her journey with a distorted self-image and body dysmorphia, a mental health condition that negatively impacts the way she perceives her body. Through her journey of discovery, self-reflection, and acceptance, Eva shares her experience in hopes that it might help someone else going through the same thing.

Eva also shares the tools she used to cope with body dysmorphia and that started her journey towards healing that distorted image reflecting back in the mirror.

In her most vulnerable episode to date, Eva dedicates this episode to Little Eva, the lost, broken, wayward little girl that never felt seen, beautiful, or like she belonged anywhere and every little girl just like her.


  • What is body dysmorphia? And what does it feel like?
  • Eva’s struggle with body dysmorphia
  • Tools to overcome body dysmorphia


“Body dysmorphia is looking in the mirror, and the reflection that you see is like looking in a funhouse mirror.”


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