What Are Your Attachment Styles & How Do They Affect Your Relationships?Deeply Connected

What Are Your Attachment Styles & How Do They Affect Your Relationships?

When we speak about attachments, boundaries, and how to build self-esteem and confidence, your host Ludmila reminds us that we can not only look at behaviors themselves. Behaviors are just a symptom of something bigger, our learned way of being in this world. So how can we better understand where our behaviors come from and better understand ourselves?

Tune in as Ludmila dives into attachment styles, how to integrate our stuck memories, and guides us to be more securely attached and support ourselves when we feel anxious, avoidant, or disorganized.

Because you make sense! And when we better understand the way we bond and connect to others, the more grace we will have for ourselves and the people around us.


  • What is attachment style?
  • Secure, anxious, avoidant, and disorganized attachment
  • “Every behavior comes back to a schema”
  • Why it’s so important to understand where our behaviors come from


“Attachment is fluid, and it's changeable. And you are not your attachment style.”

“This is like a snapshot of the situation connected to a feeling. And it's stuck in your nervous system and your body because it wasn't yet integrated. Because when those situations happen, we respond from our emotional brain, not from our logical brain.”

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Ludmila has been my coach for over 2 years and has changed the way I receive and accept any and everything from friends and potential partners. She’s helped me heal, grow, and connect deeply with my own needs and stop showing up through a lens that only creates an unnecessary pattern. She’s changed my life and I am so happy y’all are finally getting her on the podcast!!!

Deeply Connected

Amazing Coach & Podcast!!! 💕 Everyone Needs A Ludmila In Their Lives.

Deeply Connected

Favorite podcast! I always takeaway so many nuggets and dive deeper within myself to explore who I am. So far loving the conversations and topics that are are being discussed. Give it a listen if you’re looking to better your relationships with yourself and others.

Ginny 🤍
Deeply Connected

I’ve had the pleasure of being present in zooms with Ludmila and she has a vast knowledge on how to really dig deep into whatever issue you’re having. This podcast is a great extension to be able to get to know her better and have her share her knowledge. All episodes are a must to listen to! She is an amazing individual!

Deeply Connected
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