The Charge of MotherhoodThat's Wright

The Charge of Motherhood

In this episode, Alisa and Crystal talk about the best kind of hood - motherhood. Fun, challenging, and a whole lot of work, your hosts reveal their experiences dealing with life, children, and everything that comes with being a mother of four and a mother of a blended family of six.

From corporal punishment to taking on the role of stepmother to befriending your children, tune in as these mothers share their take on parenting and debunk “what motherhood should look like.”


  • Do kids really keep you young?
  • Is discipline about communication or punishment?
  • Crystal’s “safe space” parenting tool- The challenges and joys of a blended family
  • “They fear God. They don’t fear me.”
  • Understanding the real charge of motherhood


“I try to give them their own personality, give them their own ways to communicate and express their feelings so that we can talk it out because my way may not be the right way all the time. I may be wrong, you know. I'm not perfect.”

“I think it's important to not create little clones, even though you may be a really great person. I think it's important to make sure that your kids can think for themselves.”


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