Unboxing Your Ability to LeadDNA Of A Professional

Unboxing Your Ability to Lead

In this episode, your host Tareka shares helpful insights on how to unlock your leadership potential by focusing on key areas like motivation, trust-building, effective communication, creating a positive work environment, and encouraging growth and development.

Tareka encourages us to reflect on our own leadership abilities and consider how we can unbox our potential to lead with authenticity and impact. As a big proponent of coaching and mentorship, she emphasizes as a leader, it is important to remember the importance of nurturing growth and development within your team. Explore how to leverage your professional DNA to become a more impactful leader in your space.

Tune in to gain valuable insights and strategies for becoming a more effective and influential leader in your professional journey today!


  • How anyone can be a leader and create an impact
  • The importance of building and maintaining trust with the team
  • The pivotal role of effective communication in leadership
  • On creating a workspace that fosters positivity and growth
  • On recognizing the value of continuous learning and development
  • The importance of having a leadership mindset
  • On embracing confidence, hustle, and empowering others
  • On helping team members to discover potential and leverage their professional DNA


"You are a self-defined leader, and you can show up in an incredible way to lead and influence others." — Tareka Wheeler

“When you as an individual, as a leader, believe in growth and development, you have an ability to lead others through this lens or this space of growth and development so that they understand that their professional development is important to you.” — Tareka Wheeler

“Unboxing your ability to lead is not easy, but unboxing your ability to lead if you are a leader or an aspiring leader is necessary.” — Tareka Wheeler


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This podcast has become part of my weekly prep for the work week, every Sunday evening. Great tips for personal and professional development each week.

Disappointed AIM user
DNA Of A Professional

The host gives valuable information and tips to implement them in your every day life. This focuses on career development but it helps with personal development in all areas of your life. I love listening to the episodes and reading her emails.

DNA Of A Professional

Loving the topics and the informational yet fun style of offering great professional advice and encouragement every week! My favorite episode so far is all about the 4 Roles Successful Professionals Must Play!

Lanee B.
DNA Of A Professional

The best aspect of this podcast is the audience that it reaches. I’m a college student about to step into the next chapter of my life and I resonate with so many of the episodes. Tareka is so smart and so passionate about her message to her audience and she knows how to relate. I listen to every single one of her episodes and am fascinated about how she connects the dots between an individual and different parts of their life and career🤍

DNA Of A Professional
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