Don't Be Afraid to Pivot Into Your Dream Career with Dr. Ebere SonoikiDNA Of A Professional

Don't Be Afraid to Pivot Into Your Dream Career with Dr. Ebere Sonoiki

Welcome back to DNA of a Professional Podcast!

Today, your host Tareka engages in a compelling conversation with Dr. Ebere Sonoiki, guiding listeners through a transformative exploration of pursuing one's true calling. Dr. Sonoiki shares insights on recognizing the importance of life's timing and seizing unexpected opportunities, highlighting the role of these elements in shaping a fulfilling career. Together, they share valuable strategies for making decisive career pivots, appreciating the process, and navigating the challenges that come with embracing discomfort. You’ll also explore the importance of courageously following your true calling, even when it goes against societal expectations, and the liberating impact it can have on personal fulfillment.

It’s time to find courage amidst uncertainty and realize the potential growth in unexpected places! This episode is a dose of motivation and practical advice on navigating the twists and turns of your professional journey.

Tune in for an inspiring conversation with Dr. Ebere and Tareka, guiding you in the pursuit of your dreams!


  • On the journey of self-discovery and finding your passion
  • Embrace your timeline: The impact of age on the decision-making process
  • How community and mutually beneficial relationships can support you
  • The significance of following your true calling despite societal norms
  • On the importance of life’s timing and unexpected opportunities
  • Learn your next move: Be decisive and strategize in career pivoting
  • Make a pivot, appreciate the process, and embrace the discomfort
  • How to stay authentic and be of inspiration


“What matters is — when you get clarity about what you're supposed to do, and when you have that clarity, and you just can't let that go…  that what keeps you up all night that ‘this is not right, but I know what is’ —  go get that.” — Dr. Ebere Sonoiki

"Nothing about this process is easy, nothing about it is comfortable, but everything about it is worth it." — Dr. Ebere Sonoiki

"I believe in work-life harmony. You hear a lot of people talk about work-life balance, and actually think work-life balance is pretty difficult, almost nearly impossible to achieve. Work-life harmony is about being present; and being present in all the different dynamic areas of your life." — Tareka Wheeler


Dr. Ebere Sonoiki

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YouTube: @dreberesonoiki


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Loving the topics and the informational yet fun style of offering great professional advice and encouragement every week! My favorite episode so far is all about the 4 Roles Successful Professionals Must Play!

Lanee B.
DNA Of A Professional

The best aspect of this podcast is the audience that it reaches. I’m a college student about to step into the next chapter of my life and I resonate with so many of the episodes. Tareka is so smart and so passionate about her message to her audience and she knows how to relate. I listen to every single one of her episodes and am fascinated about how she connects the dots between an individual and different parts of their life and career🤍

DNA Of A Professional

The host gives valuable information and tips to implement them in your every day life. This focuses on career development but it helps with personal development in all areas of your life. I love listening to the episodes and reading her emails.

DNA Of A Professional

I really appreciate you bringing this topic to light and choosing to share your personal challenges. The hardest thing for me has been being really good at something (career) you don’t love and trying to make it work. And being too afraid to leave or fully own that I want to leave because I think it’s the best thing I’ve achieved so far.. Your transparency helped me be more honest with myself! Thank you! This podcast was right on time.

DNA Of A Professional
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