How to Take Off Your Mask and Be Your Authentic SelfDNA Of A Professional

How to Take Off Your Mask and Be Your Authentic Self

Welcome back to DNA of a Professional.

Today, Tareka delves into the topic of being our authentic selves to achieve career success. Tareka discusses the challenges of conforming to societal and workplace pressures, highlighting the need to build authentic relationships and align core values with professional environments.

This episode may be challenging, but it's essential for achieving the success we aspire to in our careers. Some reflective questions are: "Who am I?" and "Where do I want to be?" to gain a deeper understanding of our authentic selves. Tareka also emphasizes the importance of consistency, intentionality, and alignment with core values in fostering authenticity. With helpful insights, Tareka emphasizes the need for us to be our true selves, build genuine relationships, and navigate our professional journeys with confidence and authenticity.

Tune in, and join Tareka in this episode as she inspires us to say goodbye to the mask and celebrate the beauty of being authentic in both of our careers and personal lives.


  • On building relationships based on authenticity in the workplace
  • The importance of having core values aligned with the environment
  • On taking time to reflect on who you are and where you want to be
  • On navigating abilities and strengths to be your authentic self
  • Show up: The pivotal role of consistency in actions and behaviors
  • How this journey of authenticity starts with yourself
  • On establishing a strong relationship with yourself first before others
  • Let go of the mask and embrace your authenticity for growth and success


“Don't be scared to tap into who you are and don't be scared to let the world know who you are because we need you. The world needs you, but they need your authentic self.” — Tareka Wheeler

“I want you to celebrate life and start to be your authentic self. Show up and be you.” — Tareka Wheeler


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Loving the topics and the informational yet fun style of offering great professional advice and encouragement every week! My favorite episode so far is all about the 4 Roles Successful Professionals Must Play!

Lanee B.
DNA Of A Professional

The host gives valuable information and tips to implement them in your every day life. This focuses on career development but it helps with personal development in all areas of your life. I love listening to the episodes and reading her emails.

DNA Of A Professional

I really appreciate you bringing this topic to light and choosing to share your personal challenges. The hardest thing for me has been being really good at something (career) you don’t love and trying to make it work. And being too afraid to leave or fully own that I want to leave because I think it’s the best thing I’ve achieved so far.. Your transparency helped me be more honest with myself! Thank you! This podcast was right on time.

DNA Of A Professional

This podcast has become part of my weekly prep for the work week, every Sunday evening. Great tips for personal and professional development each week.

Disappointed AIM user
DNA Of A Professional
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