The Power of Saying No and Doing Less with Amber CabralFish Food Podcast

The Power of Saying No and Doing Less with Amber Cabral

Inclusion strategist, certified coach, speaker, and author Amber Cabral is back to discuss what it means to build a business that not only feels successful to you but also feels like a business you actually want to run.

Tune in as Amber shares her journey from solopreneur to realizing she couldn’t do it all on her own and had to grow, all while keeping the heart of her business alive. And how she decided that the impact, culture, and legacy of her small business was worth more than the “big dollars.”


  • The journey from solopreneur to business owner
  • Identifying your “enough” number
  • The impact and culture of intentionally small businesses
  • “How much is the money worth?”
  • Why you need to get clear about what you love doing in your business


“The bigger you get, the harder it is to translate the heart of the mission.”

“Figure out early if you're building a business and want to work in your field or building a business you want to sell.”


Amber Cabral

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Great podcast for anyone who wants to learn about how a CPA can add value. Short episodes packed with information. Keep blessing us

Fish Food Podcast

Straightforward, helpful, and necessary!

Fish Food Podcast

I love that this is also an archive of helpful information I can come back to when I need it!

Fish Food Podcast

I love how specific and helpful this show is! Keila, you’re a gift to business owners!

Fish Food Podcast
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