Avoiding Cash Flow PitfallsFish Food Podcast

Avoiding Cash Flow Pitfalls

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You landed a million dollar project, but the money will only come later. So how much do you have right now to cover expenses incurred before that check clears? Because it’s not just about how much you’re bringing in but the amount of money coming in on time for the amount that has to go out.

So in this episode, Keila talks cash flow - why it’s important, what you need to pay attention to, and the pitfalls she sees many entrepreneurs fall into. An episode not to be missed for all small businesses with ebbs and flows working on a project or launch basis.


  • Why your small business needs a cushion
  • Double counting sales and outstanding invoices
  • How Little Fish strategizes cash flow


“So what does all of this mean? Well, cash is king.” - Keila


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So much helpful straight to the point information. I’m so glad I discovered this gem of a podcast💕

Fish Food Podcast

This podcast serves entrepreneurs like me greatly on enhancing our businnes!

Fish Food Podcast

As an freelancer this is JUST what I needed. I’m excited about tuning in! I’m sharing with my friends and family.

Mrktng Unicorn
Fish Food Podcast

I love that this is also an archive of helpful information I can come back to when I need it!

Fish Food Podcast
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